Local Pasture-Raised Chicken

Thursday is "farm day" for the Thienes family. Today was particularly gorgeous for a 45 min. drive (one-way) south of town to Mollala. I usually catch up on my phone calling during this long drive!

Anyway, we were so fortunate to get to our goat farmer's house in time to see the new born goat kids! They were less than 24 hours old. The twin buck and dow were adorable; I saw their little umbilical cords still hanging from their tummies. It was amazing how they could already walk and their eyes were wide open. DD was in awe as she we pet the little babies. Unfortunately, mama had her baby while no one was home, so my farmer wasn't able to get any of that colostrum (it went to the kids, of course!) Hopefully now that spring is on the horizon there will be lots more goat milk to share. My farmer is the ONLY gal in the whole metro area (that I know if) who milks through the winter. It has been a godsend for my baby son who can't tolerate cow's milk formula!

After picking up our order, we went to Deo Volente Farm http://www.deovolentefarm.com/. It was only a few minutes' drive from the goat farm. I was SO impressed by the beauty of this sheep/chicken farm. The chicken bizz is run by the boys, who are all homeschooled. Dad didn't even get involved and I was so impressed by the professionalism of the young men!

They wanted me to pass the word that they are trying to liquidate last harvest's freezer full of chickens. Whole roasting birds are $2.05/lb, which is amazing if you value local, pastured, cage-free/soy-meal feed-free chickens. This is a steal compared to Whole Foods or New Seasons. Check out the link above if you would like to buy some chicken. I can't wait to roast mine up.

Chicken is a great "thrifty food" because when it's raised on pasture and allowed to roam freely, it's much higher in Omega-3 (it rivals salmon in that way!) Pound for pound, it's much cheaper than salmon. I plan to roast the chicken and eat off of it for one meal, then debone all the leftovers for enchiladas, etc. Then, I'll use the carcass to make about 2 gallons of broth, which I'll use for soup and sauces and rice. I will talk more about he magic of soup broth and it's thriftiness in another posting.

Slow-Cooker Garlic Roasted Chicken
adapted from Healthy Crockery Cookery
-Mabel Hoffman

1 4-5# roasting chicken
4 or more cloves garlic, sliced
1 lemon, sliced
Fresh sprigs of rosemary, thyme, or any herbs
Sea salt

1) Place cleaned out chicken in large (5 or 6 qt) slow cooker.

2) Cut tiny slits in the skin throughout the bird and insert garlic cloves between skin and the bird.

3) Rub the herbs and salt all over the bird.

4) Arrange sliced lemon over the top

5) Cook on low all day (8 hours) or on high (4 hours) or until breast meat reaches a temp of 200 degrees.

Upon our return home, we received a delivery of our farm-fresh cow milk and eggs. Thursdays are such a busy, but blessed day!


Betsy said...

Hi Carrie!! I'm Tiffany's sister-in-law and I'm so excited to see your blog! We're in the Eugene area but look forward to hearing your thoughts and findings!! I'm just starting to change my family's diet, so I welcome your posts!

Best wishes,

tiffany said...

Hi, you are such a great motivator. Thanks for the recipe, sounds yummy! I also love reading your musings.

Carrie T said...

Welcome, ladies!

Betsy~ Bravo to you for being a change agent for your family! You will be amazed at the things you learn on this journey! I welcome your feedback. I think that much of what I write will be relevant to Eugene-area folks too! I welcome your feedback! Best to you!

Tiff~ you are such an encourager! Thanks for being so supportive and not getting tired of my rantings (er...musings?)

Cathy T said...

Hi, Carrie. It's great to see you have a blog (again)! The information about the chicken for sale at such an incredible price is pretty exciting.

Aren't the baby goats adorable? We saw a little newborn (umbilical cord still attached) at Kookoolan Farms in Yamhill a couple of weeks ago.

kristinsdottir said...

Carrie, this is so great. You might just inspire me to Eat Right at last. I really appreciate it. I called Kookoolian (sp?) Farms and left a message for post-Lent dealings ... are they the ones that actual deliver to you on Thursdays? Thanks so much, again.

Susan Sophia said...

Hi Carrie! I've been perusing your blog now and again (in my spare time) and love it!! I don't know if you remember me or not Susan from Seattle area, hubby James (paradosis), you came to my house once a few years ago! Anyway, we now have a "farm", or are trying to anyway...and we have goats! Firefly (goat #1) is getting ready to kid any day now! This is our first experience with kidding and can't wait to have baby goats jumping around. They are so full of character! Butter (goat #2) is due June 4th. I milked Firefly through February and then dried her off, I could have milked another month but wanted the break. I can't wait to have milk again though. I was wondering if the farm you buy goat milk from has a website? What are the laws like in Oregon regarding selling milk from the farm?
Thanks for such a great blog! I look forward to reading more. And if you are ever in the Seattle area we'd love to have out to the farm!