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Welcome to Thrifty Oreganic! Our mission is to promote affordable, sustainable, and local eating and health habits for the whole family.

I am coming from the perspective of a Stay-Near-Home mom (i.e. I'm at home most of the time to do the cooking/baking/purchasing of food). I live in Portland, Oregon. Stores or deals I might mention here may pertain only to Oregonians, but other tips and ideas I share will be relevant to people anywhere! I also write as a mom of a somewhat picky preschooler and a husband who would "rather be eating Doritios". I try hard to follow the Weston A Price principles of diet and nutrition. I seek to provide a resource to those who want to begin to implement lifestyle & diet changes but who want to do so on a budget.

I hope you will find this blog helpful, encouraging, and perhaps, at times, challeninging you to do what you thought you couldn't. I know that feeding our children is a very personal matter, and I never mean to offend anyone's choices. I may come across at times a little bit "soapboxy" on certain topics. If I blast Cheerios, please don't take it personally! OK, disclaiming for now!

Also, it must be said.....Nothing I say here is intended to cure any disease. The FDA has NOT approved anything that I write about (well, perhaps some things). I believe that the FDA is heavily influenced by agri-business and politics anyway, and any group that says aspartame is healthy for human consumption does not have my deep respect.

I digress.....

Thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to visit often and subscribe if you're interested! You are always welcome to drop me a line as well.


nordicknight said...

In paragraph 3 of your home page, which is very well presented, you write about rendering tallow.
I think you mean rendering suet, because I think tallow is rendered suet.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

nordicknight, tallow is the fat from cattle, sheep & goats. Suet is the fat that surrounds the kidneys, also known as leaf lard in pigs. However, these days the terms are used interchangeably, and incorrectly.

Kiki said...

Hello, I am very happy to have found your blog. I have been on this road for eight months with my twin babies. The doctors made me supplement them right from the hospital and as they were my first children (and I live in PA - the East is so far behind in matters of natural living) I didn't know any better. They are both on an amino acid based formula - smells even worse than Nutramigen - but they have reacted to EVERY food we have tried them on. Our allergist says they are not allergic and should grow out of this. My instincts tell me that this is not a normal childhood issue and that I cannot simply feel them foods that their immune system is attacking and wait for them to grow out of it - and perhaps into something else like autism or something else... I found my way to an MD who is a lot of things including a naturopath. He wants us to put them on goat milk among other things. I am hoping you can give me some help here. Does the formula recipe here offer complete nutrition for under 1 year? Did you have to give a special vitamin and/or iron? How is the raw milk better than the pasturized goat milk? The doctor wants them to be on a probiotic - is that what the whey in the recipe is for. Finally, can you point me in the direction of any books that might help me? Thanks!

Pure2raw twins said...

I just came across your blog and love it. I have been eating fermented foods and have been thinking about raw goat milk just have to find a supplier ; (

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was actually looking for a way to reheat foods without a microwave when I chanced upon your site. I'm really glad to have found your website. It contains so many ways to lead a more holistic life and so much guidance for a young woman like me, because my mum is not a main presence in my life. I look forward to more posts from you:)

cheryl said...

Hi! I used your formula recipe for my daughter, unfortunately it hasn't worked as well with my son, so I am back on the research trail. I have supplemented while trying to increase my milk supply for the last seven months, but alas, no more milk from me.

I also wanted to tell you about Beyond Organic. It was founded by a friend of mine, Jordan Rubin, who founded Garden of Life. Beyond Organic is whole foods, 100% grass fed and finished beef, raw A2 cultured dairy products, and also enzyme activated, sprouted raw snacks. The company is adding new products all the time too. While just purchasing the items is pricy, I am a mission marketer and I can now get them for free because I have shared these with so many other families - the ultimate thrift! So, just something for you to consider! The new snacks might not be on the web-site for another couple weeks as they just did pre-orders starting yesterday. The raw snacks were developed by a raw-food chef.

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