How to Stretch a Chicken

1 Deo Volente Chicken = 4 Meals and then some!

Meal 1: Roasted in Crockpot and enjoyed with steamed veggies on the side.

Meal 2: Breasts diced and used in Chicken Enchilada casserole.

Meal 3: Carcass made into broth, used for Pea Soup (15 min. to make this!)

Meal 4: Broth used to make homemade tomato sauce with brown rice noodles.

Meal 5: Leftover diced chicken, brown noodles, and broth plus assorted veggies used to make Chicken Noodle Soup.

Meal 6: TBD! I still have plenty of meat left over for a chicken salad or quesadillas. What would you do?

Approximate total cost for all meals: < $30.00 Satisfaction knowing I'm feeding my family whole foods?



Anonymous said...

So how did you make pea soup in 15 minutes?
Cathy T

kristinsdottir said...

This is a great blog, Carrie! Thanks for all you're doing here!

Kristin the Librarian, your fellow Oregonian :-)

Carrie T said...

Thanks, Cathy and Kristin!

I will post my pea soup recipe as a new post, just in case others are curious and don't want to venture into old comments :D

Anonymous said...

carrie...I'm so glad to have found your blog! You have inspired me...thank you. I'm making my first batch of yogurt tonight. would you mind sharing culturing recipes/tips/book recommendations?

I will be back :)

Carrie T said...


Welcome and thank you for coming by! I most certainly will be sharing tips for culturing milk in upcoming posts. I absolutely LOVE the taste of homemade yogurt and you need absolutely nothing but milk and a bit of starter. You have inspired me to post about that very soon, and I will! Stay tuned, and good luck with your yogurt!!!