The True Value of Raw Milk

So begins a multi-part series on my favorite things to do with milk.

I get mine fresh from the farm (by the way, you won't find anything about the 'rm'-word on their website but know that you can call and inquire if you are interested. It's all legal, it's just not something they want to go advertising about) and it's not cheap ($5.00 per half gallon) BUT

I seek, through these next several posts to show you why it's money well spent and worth every penny because you will NEVER need to buy many filler-laden products again when you know how to properly culture your milk!

Here are just a few of the delicious, natural, grass-fed, hormone free, organic treats I regularly enjoy with my $5.00 half gallon of milk:

  • Kefir
  • Kefir cheese (very similar to feta)
  • Cream top Yogurt (with assorted flavors added)
  • Ice Cream (additive free)
  • Cream Cheese
  • Whey (for culturing vegetables)
  • Butter
  • Buttermilk

One of my goals is to add other cheeses to that list, such as raw cheddar and cottage cheese, but that's for another time! For now, I will take you through my tips on making each of the above (with colored photos included!).

Please stay tuned for my humble thoughts and tips on making the aforementioned cultured dairy products!


Mimi said...

Ooooh, I can't wait!

We get our milk delivered, it is the coolest!

MommaofMany said...

Oh, man...Mimi said, "Oh, I can't wait!" That was what I was going to say!

I'm in the Central valley of CA. I get raw milk delivered to my home every Monday. I make and use kefir, as well, but have only used it in smoothies and to cook with instead of buttermilk, so I'm looking forward to reading this series! I'm a new reader and having fun slowly going through your archives.

I grew up in Tillamook. I miss the forests, but not the rain. It was 78 here today...

Kelly said...

Do you have ANY idea how blessed you are that you get your raw milk DELIVERED?!!!

When we first started buying raw milk we had to go an hour away to get it. (Thankfully I have a deal worked out with a neighbor so we don't have to go each week.) Now there are farms closer (half hour), but to have it delivered...what a treat that would be!