Editorial on Laziness

Maybe it's because I was FOB all day Tuesday due to this nasty bug that hit SW Portland with a vengance (so it seems!), but as I slept and slept, and cooked not and cleaned not, I got to thinking about laziness. Perhaps it was also watching my dear little lettuce seedlings wilting as I could not water them, or my garden spot desparately in need of weeding and preparation so that I might actually plant said seedlings.....whatever it was, laziness was on the mind.

Not in a self-accusatory way, mind you. We all need our rest. In fact, I've come to appreciate the annual (if that) stomach bug that plagues our house (it has been three years since we were all wiped like this, thankfully) and call it the "spring detox"and a good excuse to be, well, FOB*.

But when one who strives to be thrifty and a DIYer no longer has her strength, one quickly realizes the place for "convenience food" in the home. Ideally, it would be a week's worth of nourishing, organic, all-natural meals frozen individually (and homemade of course), and a jar full of freshly cultured kombucha in the fridge, and homemade applesauce to pull out of the freezer, and of course, good old chilcken broth!

A stockpile, if you will, for those times with you must (or want to!) be lazy!

Thankfully, Trader Joe's is in some ways the next best thing. Ok, well for my budget it is. The next best thing would be having your mother in law who cooks everything from scratch come camp out in your house for a week, but that's not always possible ;)!!! But I was thankful that TJ's carried affordable and relatively "natural"

*Free range chicken broth
*Rice crackers (we don't do wheat)
*Sparkling water with lemon (for those upset tummies)
*Frozen "comfort food" that's wholesome (TJ's claims their products do not contain MSG)

So, in a pinch, they can help. Ideally, next time this hits I'll have a better arsenal (although I was able to make delicious chicken broth in the crock pot and forget about it until I needed it) for fighting the flu bug with natural foods.

So, back to the regular schedule postings to come! As soon as my appetite comes back, that is! It's no fun blogging about food when it makes you queezy!

As always, thanks for reading!

*FOB: A summer camp term, meaning "flat on back", used to indicate rest time. FYI


Xenia Kathryn said...

Yes, my grocery receipt this week indicates much less food bought in place of more expensive convenience foods. Yuck. The sickness took a toll on all of us, and our budget, in a small way :)

Although I did wake up from a nap one day to find a pot of soup on the stove, made by my own MIL! What a treat!

Mimi said...

I hope everyone feels better, and XK what a lovely gift!

Iconography Girl said...

We have been spared the stomach bug, so I have NO excuse for not getting with the swing of things as far as meal planning. I hope you feel better soon!!

I need help making chicken broth (pitiful, I know): do I keep adding water so the carcass is always covered? How long do I simmer -- will there be anything left? I have a 6-quart pot, do I need a "stock pot"?

Anonymous said...

ARGH! Not you too. Better ask who was left standing with this one.

Carrie T said...

Icon Girl:

Chicken stock is easiest if you have a crock pot, IMHO. Just fill your slow cooker with carcass/necks/feet (whatever you use), add a quartered onion, two coursely chopped carrots, and 3 coursely chopped celery stalks.

Simmer on "low" for 12-24 hours for best flavor. Any longer and the stock will taste burned, I think.

Crock pots are great because they don't lose any (or much) water. I routinely have a crock of stock going each week, and use it throughout the week for various soup and sauce bases!