Thrifty Oreganic Tips: Healthy Snacks on the Go!

"Ideally, we would eat all of our meals sitting down...."

So begins Sally Fallon's chapter on "snacks" in her life-changing cookbook, _Nourishing Traditions_. Since reading this book and thus changing the way our family eats, I have found that snacks are less needed then they were before. Some of the reasons why I think we don't eat as many "snacks" (I give my 3 year old 1 snack around 4:00, but that's all!):

  • Traditional food diets emphasize more healthy fats, including saturated fats like butter and coconut oil, which when eaten with meals make us feel satiated until the next meal.

  • Drinking lacto-fermented beveraged throughout the day, like beet kvass, kombucha, and kefir really satisfy a desire to "snack" because they are filling and nutrient-rich. I will devote a whole post on how to cheaply make these at home!

  • Raw, whole milk from grassfed cow, when consumed with each meal adds fat and many bioavailable nutrients that satiate the body.

Why do we want snacks? If you are feeling hungry all day, you're probably not consuming enough fat. Eating a "carby" breakfast such as boxed cereal or a muffin is a surefire way to be starving at 10 am. A breakfast of eggs & bacon, soaked oatmeal, or a power smoothie, along with a glass of milk, keeps me going all morning long. I'm rarely hungry for lunch, but I make and eat it out of duty because if I don't my blood sugar will go crazy and I'll just crave "snacky carbs" all day long!

A great way to sneak in extra fat is to use coconut oil. One of our favorites is coconut bark such as is explained on this website. It's very satisfying, and when I eat a little bit first thing in the morning, it really helps me wake up and feel immediate energy. It's very versatile,too. Add whatever you have on hand!

If you must snack, here are a few tisps to make them healthy and thrifty!

  • Green Popcorn: (Tastes remarkably like Veggie Booty)

Pop some organic popcorn. Smother liberally with melted virgin coconut oil and Kerrygold Butter
(available at Trader Joe's for the best price!) Sprinkle the popcorn with about 1 tsp.of spirulina powder and 1 Tbs of Gaylord Hauser's Vegetable Broth Powder. Add Sea Salt to taste, and enjoy a delicious and healthy snack!

  • Crispy Waffles/Pancakes:

We always freeze leftover waffles/pancakes. They make delicious snacks,just toast and add lots of butter and sugarless jam, honey, or nut butter. I will be soon posting about my newfound favorite waffle recipe!

  • Crispy nuts & Cheese:

Soak almonds or walnuts (this activates their enzymes) in water with 1 TBS salt for 12 hours. Drain and dehydrate on a baking sheet in a warm oven until crispy (about 12 hours). Serve with slices of cheddar cheese and enjoy! Note: I realize that nuts are not cheap, but because they are so nutrient-dense, you don't gorge on them and they last a while. Costco is where I buy my walnuts and almonds, but I'm hoping to begin ordering them from a farm directly.

Bottom line: The rule for thrifty eating is getting the most nutrition for your dollar. If your meals consist of enough fat and nutrients, you will likely not need much in the way of snacks, which means less impulse purchases, less carb eating, which means a slimmer waistline!


Xenia Kathryn said...

Mmm... great snack ideas! Although I'm trying harder to feed Vasi good, nutritious/fatty foods during meals so that she can stop pestering--um--I mean asking me for food all of the time.

Once again, your blog is so helpful and encouraging!

Has said...

I hope you find this post because I'm rather late to post it! but I have NEVER heard anything like this before in my life! I've been eating weetbix (whole grain cereal with low-fat milk) every morning at 6:30, and by 9:00 I'm faint with hunger. At which point I have to get home quickly and eat some toast. Then I'm hungry again by 11:00.