Menu Plan Monday

Okay, as I said before, I'm going to try this new thing called "Menu Plan Monday" sponsored by Heavenly Homemakers. (Check it out to see what lots of other blog moms are eating this week!)

If there is a particular recipe that looks interesting but is not linked, please let me know and I will post it!


B: Scrambled eggs w/ pancetta and chopped fresh basil
L: Quinoa tabouleh, turkey italian sausages
D: Lamb meatballs w/ sauteed greens (Nourishing Traditions Recipe)

To do: Defrost frozen ground lamb, soak quinoa Sunday night, make pesto


B: Kefir smoothies and quinoa porridge
L: Salmon cakes w/ sauteed cabbage
D: Oriental red meat salad (Nourishing Traditions)

To do: Defrost skirt steak in morning, soak oats for Wed morning, make sauerkraut


B: Meusli (NT) and Sardines for Jonathan
L: Tuna & Veggie Quesadillas w/ Brown Rice Tortillas (Use up veggies in fridge)
D: Thai Lettuce Wraps w/ Peanut Sauce (A blend of thai-flavored seafood and rice in a coconut curry base wrapped in fresh lettuce and topped with peanut sauce)

To do: Make peanut sauce, defrost meat for carnitas, soak buckwheat, harvest kombucha, go to Wednesday Farmer's Market for potatoes, and other extra needed produce)


B: Veggie-herb frittata (adapted from NT)
L: Creamy Buckwheat Risotto w/Peas
D: Shredded Pork Tacos (Carnitas) with all the fixings (creme fraiche, raw cheese, cilatro, etc)

To do: Make new batch of kombucha, prepare fries by cutting and soaking, render lard, start sunflower sprouts

B: millet/rice waffles (This is the easiest recipe! From Sue Gregg)
L: burgers wrapped in Lettuce (this is for 4th of July!) with home made fries (Thanks, Ann Marie!)
D: High Enzyme Salad (NT)

B: Kefir smoothies and sausages
L: leftovers
D: hot dogs wrapped in coconut biscuit dough (from Bruce Fife's Cooking with Coconut flour) with salad on the side

To do: plan next week's menu, make shopping list, go to Beaverton Farmer's Market


D: chef's salad w/ creamy pesto dressing, sardines, and hard boiled eggs


Michele said...

I'm so glad you've posted this menu! :) My sister will be visiting in about a month, so I've been trying to keep an eye out for meal plans like this. I like to use Nourishing Traditions recipes, and she needs gluten and dairy-free foods.


Carrie T said...

Thanks, Michele!

I think we posted our menus simultaneously!

Yeah, we have trouble with the hard grains at our house so I've had to transition us off of wheat and gluten. Surprisingly, I don't even miss it, because there's so much we can do to substitute!

Dairy free is a bit tougher,though! I don't envy your sister!

seamaiden said...

Wow, buckwheat risotto sounds intriguing and delicious too. I make brown rice risotto (along with the traditional arborio etc) and that is also tasty. Interesting gluten-free menu!

-another gluten-free menu planner,

Laura said...

I love how you are encouraging others that they CAN eat healthy even if they think they can't afford it! I've come a long way in this area, and I also am really trying to help people understand that it IS POSSIBLE. And it's so delicious too!

Xenia Kathryn said...

Wow. And I thought I was the bees knees for planning dinner. Breakfast and lunch? That's anyone's guess.

Cool sis :)

Anonymous said...

YUM! What a fabulous week!

Betsy said...

I love to see how you put a traditional foods lifestyle in action! Looks so good!

Anonymous said...

You're one of a several people that I've seen post recipes from Nourishing Traditions. I'll have to check the book out sometime.