Name that Ferment (or Mason Jar Mysteries)

This post is dedicated to my dear husband, Karl (whose blog is on life support), who can often be seen scratching his head while looking in the fridge and wondering what is going on with all of those mason jars.

Can you name the above ferments? Leave a comment and list your guesses from left to right (make sense?)
The answers will be posted in a few days.
Meanwhile, here's a brief list of what else I've got brewing or am storing in mason jars from this week's "extra-curricular cooking":

A cranberry-rhubarb relish

This is great on pork chops! Made with rhubarb from our CSA.

Beef bone broth

I got 40# of bones for $20 back in December, and those bones were from pasture-raised beef. I used the broth to make terrific blender tomato sauce (I'll post the recipe soon) and minestrone soup.

Beet Kvass

Made with the beets we received in our CSA yesterday, Beet Kvass is a standard in every Ukrainian home. It is a blood tonic and cleanser; full of minerals and probiotics.


Also known as tea kvass, you can read all about kombucha here. This is a staple in our home and I credit this beverage (and God of course!) with my speedy recovery from childbirth!

Ruby lemonade

Stewed rhubarb and strawberries from CSA, a small amount of organic sugar and stevia to taste. This was cooked down to a syrup and then was blended with some lemon juice, water, and a bit of kombucha to add a kick. My kids love this! Very refreshing for such a hot day.

That's all! But do try to guess what else I've got above!!

Coming up: I'm making a goal to post more often. I hesitate to say what's coming up, but I'm hoping to start posting my weekly menu plan each Sunday night (from a new blog-inspiration, here!) Michele's blog ROCKS, but please do come back and visit here once in a while once you get hooked on hers!!


Vanessa said...

I'll take a shot at this!

1. Definitely looks like pineapple, cabbage, chili kimchee of sorts.
2. Carrot, cabbage kimchee.
3. Not yellow enough to be whey, I'm gonna say, coconut water.
4. Puree'd carrot or squash.
5. Definitely raw milk, don't see grains, how are you fermenting it?

-vanessa (vandalsem@comcast.net)

Christine said...

1.Pineapple vinegar
2.Sauerkraut with carrots (maybo cortido?)
3.whey/coconut water kefir/ or water kefir soda
4.fermented sweet potatoes
5.buttermilk/clabbered milk

Michele said...

Hmm... this looks fun! :) I'll give it a try.
The first one does seem to resemble pineapple, but I thought you didn't buy tropical fruits, so maybe...

1. Artichoke
2. Kimchee or Sauerkraut
3. Whey or Kefir
4. Lacto-Fermented Carrots
5. Raw Milk (or yogurt) with the cream on top


houseofscott said...

Here's my try!

1. pickles of some sort
2. cortido
3. coconut water kefir
4. fermented sweet potatoes
5. kefir


cookingTF said...

1. Pineapple vinegar
2. Cortido
3. Water kefir. I don't think it's coconut water because of the extra added grape or raisin or date you've got in there. ;)
4. Fermented Sweet Potatoes
5. Kefir

Patty said...

Patty says:
1. Kimchi of some sort
2. Sauerkraut
3. Water kefir
4. Fermented sweet potatoes or pureed ginger carrots
5. Dairy kefir

Erica Gott, aka Erratica said...

OK, I'll play, too.
1. Pineapple vinegar (thought it was some sort of kimchee at first)
2. Either sauerkraut with carrots or cortido made with the pineapple vinegar
3. Coconut water kefir? Thought it might be whey, but that purply thing in there would NOT be a good thing to see in whey!
4. No idea--sweet potatoes?
5. kefir or buttermilk made with raw milk? I see cream on top. Since you say these are all ferments it can't be plain old raw milk, can it?

Can't wait to find out what they really are!

lrimerman said...

1. looks like pinapple with cabbage and onion, I would say a cortito of some sort
2. Kimchi
3 water kefir
4. ginger carrot
5. kefir (or some sort of milk culture like yogurt or just clabbered milk)

Alyss said...

1) Pickled mixed vegetables - like that italian antipasta vegetables :)
2) Cortido - my recipe? ;)
3) Water kefir
4) Fermented sweet potatoes
4) Milk kefir

Karol said...

I'm a new blogger and somehow found your blog while looking around - I'm an organic oregonian too!!! You're got a great blog, I'll come back often!

Kimberly said...

I've started making labels out of contact paper for all my "projects" in jars. They are reusable and peel off easily as needed. I got tired of not being able to identify something, or constantly being asked what/where something was.

Rosemont Century Farm said...

That looks like Kookoolan Farms raw milk (probably Kefir though).

I'm in Oregon too btw.