And the Winner Is.....

Congratulations Erica Gott! You hit the nail on the head.

Everyone else who commented did a great job and came very close; but Erica gets 100%!!.

#1. Even though I don't often buy tropical fruits, I will be tempted with a pineapple from time to time, and pineapple vinegar is a great way to utilize the leftover skin and core!

#2.What better way to use pineapple vinegar than cortido!?!

#3. This was a tricky one. It's coconut kefir. The purple "blob" is my kefir grain, which was dyed purple after living in my grape juice for a while!

#4. Everyone came really close on this one. These were fermented sweet potatoes. I attempted these for my baby Jonathan, but he didn't particularly like them. Oh well.

#5. This last one was clabbered raw milk , which can be used to make whey and cream cheese.

Great job, and thank you to all who participated! I plan to do more fun things like this in the future, so please stay tuned!!!!

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