It's Menu-Time Again! Week of July 20

This weeks post could have been cleverly titled "Weed: It's what's for dinner", but I thought that might turn some people away! But the reason that slightly edgy title spewed forth out of my creative mind was because a weed, purslane to be exact, is the theme for the week.

Purslane is a common weed that happens to be edible. I am very interested in edible weeds. They make me very excited because what could be more thrifty, organic, local, and sustainable than weeds??!!!

Unfortunately, I was not the forager, unless you consider my finding the second to last bunch of this curious weed at Gathering Together Farm's market stand a forage....but for $2.50 a bunch (and let me tell you, it was a BIG bunch!) I think this was a Thrifty Oreganic find!!!!

So when I arrived home, I endeavored to research and create a menu that incorporated purslane. What is purslane? A whole post could be written about this weed, but I'll direct you here to learn more. And I must add thanks to Cheeseslave for inspiring me to try this weed!

Ok, so on to this week's menu, in the spirit of "use what you have":

To do: Defrost skirt steak, marinate in morning, start lentil sprouts, make coconut candy

Monday: B: fried eggs with cortido
L: chicken & veggie quesadillas with purple cauliflower & purslane
D: oriental red meat salad and dessert: rhubarb crisp

To do: Defrost ground beef, defrost beef liver

Tuesday: B: blackberry smoothies w/ hidden "surprises" and quinoa porridge
L: chicken sausages, carrot sticks, and purslane cucumber salad
D: Kerry Ann's sloppy joes with brown rice (make a double batch for Friday)

To do: Start sunflower sprouts, roast chicken in crock pot, soak navy beans

Wednesday: B: meusli & berries, chicken for Jonathan
L: l/o sloppy joes, veggies
D: High Enzyme Salad and Minestrone Purslane Soup

To do: Soak oats for another batch of granola, go to Wednesday Farmer's Market

Thursday: B: Scrambled eggs w/purslane and cortido and fresh tomato
L: Chicken purslane pasta toss (inspired by link)
D: KerryAnn's BBQ meatballs w/ pattypan squash

Friday: B: soaked granola & berries, salmon & creme fraiche for Jonathan
L: leftovers, salad
D: Spinach-Lentils-Rice w/ Purslane instead of Spinach

Saturday: B: millet-rice waffles (this is a new link to an easier version of the recipe)
L: leftovers
D: US Wellness Hot Dogs, veggies, raw sauerkraut, salad

Go to the farmer's market, begin planning next week's meals!

Sunday: L: leftovers
D: green popcorn, chicken fingers, cheese, and fruit


Anonymous said...

I just can't get enough purslane. I ate THREE purslane salads last week.

Purslane with tomatoes.
Purslane with red onions, watermelon, and feta cheese.
Purslane with sprouts and tomatoes and bell peppers.

And guess what we're having for diner tomorrow night? Yep, you guessed it. Purslane salad!

I haven't tried making the pickled purslane yet. Soon!

Seriously though WHY eat lettuce at all when you can eat purslane?

Have you ordered the US Wellness Meats liverwurst yet? Just curious...

PS: I am not the kind of person who normally eats salads very often. It's the purslane that's got me all worked up!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to ask -- can you tell me about the cortido? I have heard that it is excellent but I haven't tried it yet.

Also, are you going to the WAPF conference this year? It's not that far from you -- in SF.

I am going for sure. I hope you go so I can meet you!

Angela's Kitchen said...

Fab menu! I love to presoak as well. It's nice to see more of it.

The kiddos and I snack on purslane whenever we are out weeding the garden. Keeps them from the peas (sort of).

Thanks for sharing!

Michele said...

Thank you so much for the purslane recipe link! I bookmarked it. I didn't see the purslane at the market until after I had bought a bunch of other greens. So, I'm hoping they'll have some again next week, and I can plan to get it then. I was so excited to see it! :)

I love that red meat salad, by the way.
Michele :)

Carrie T said...

Ann Marie,

That sounds so wonderful! Do you eat the stems too? I've just been pulling off the leaves. It's so much more nutrient-dense than lettuce! I really want to learn more about edible weeds and foraging. Picked purslane would be very interesting too!

I have some US Wellness liverwurst in the freezer but haven't tried it yet. I'm anxious to, I just haven't gotten a chance.

The cortido is really good. I have made it both ways that the NT book describes; with pineapple vinegar and without. I actually like it better without, but if you add extra salt, red pepper, and oregano it turns out pretty well. I love to eat it with eggs; for some reason it seems very synergistic to me! Eggs fried in beef tallow, to be exact!

I am hoping DH will let me go the WAPF conference for my birthday present. My sister lives in Santa Rosa, so I could visit her as well! I would love to meet you as well!

Carrie T said...


You are so lucky to have it growing! I'm not sure I could identify it, but I will pay closer attention when I'm out and about and see if it grows here. Michele, do you know?


Did you see purslane at the Hillsdale FM too? I didn't see it at many other places besides Gathering Together's farm. Interesting! That's what I love about the FMs....so many unique things!

Janis said...

Thanks for posting about purslane! We have this growing all over the place here, and I'd forgotten about how edible it is. (My local CSA taught us about purslane a few years ago, so at least I know what it looks like!)

Erica said...

I've been munching on it when I weed the garden also! It's seriously the most nuisance *weed* in my garden HAHAHA!

I'm still shocked that people pay for it (no offense).

I wonder if you can buy seeds somewhere? It grows in sidewalk cracks, gravel, gardens and I've even found it in my flower pots this year. It's very invasive, once you have it, you'll have an endless supply of it forever HAHA!