Back in business!

Aaaah. After two weeks, I'm finally back online! There were a couple of snaffoos in the process of getting back online, but here we are.

Here's a quick summary of what's been on my mind:

My Daughter's Health: We have been dealing with unexplained "tummy aches" after eating. The naturopath says it's a yeast overgrowth (she has many other symptoms of this) and we're working on repairing a leaky gut. She had lots of factors working against her since birth. Antibiotics were given in high doses right after birth (it's a long story, but believe me, I was the mom who was NEVER going to consent to giving my child abiox!!!) which damaged her gut (but probably saved her from sepsis!)

Additionally, she had a kidney reflux condidtion which required her to take profilactic antibiotics every day for a year!!! This set the stage for yeast to dominate in her gut because all or most of the beneficial probiotics where killed and never able to recover from the daily use of abiox. Enter my ignorance about food at the time, and I was feeding my daughter grains and fruits (healthy, of course!) thinking I was doing her well. Don't forget the canned formula devoid of enzymes. Thankfully, I only had to supplement the formula due to a low milk supply. I think the fact that I've nursed her for 3 and a half years has been a saving grace.

Thankfully, we had the gluten exit stage left recently, and now per the doctor's directives, we are to also send cow milk products, all sugars (including fruit) and starches, on their merry way.

Well,herein lies my challenge. It's hard enough to feed a preschooler gluten free. But grain free? So those great rice noodles are now a no-no? Fruit? Sigh!!!

Luckily, she has been SUCH a trooper as we've fazed out some of the food she loves. She was addicted to cheddar cheese,and thankfully she hasn't asked for it. She's happily transitioned to raw goat milk (to be like her brother) and we mix it with L-Glutamine, chromium, and probiotics. I think the goat milk does hurt her tummy a little, though, so we'll see if that's a problem!

And we haven't gone cold turkey. We've reduced rice to about twice a week. When the cashier at TJ's gave her a sucker for finding the monkey, I let her have 6 licks. She happily obliged and I didn't hear about it again. I let her have bananas and peaches occaisionally....it's hard.

What do you feed an already picky toddler when you can't give her starches, sugar, cow protein, or grains?

That's the million-dollar question, folks. I need ideas and inspiration, especially for brown bag meals. Any input would be much appreciated.

This week's shaping up to be a busy one, so I'm going to rely on my meal plans to keep my head above water. Look for this week's menu on Monday.

Also, I have a new Weight Loss Wednesday report to share, as well as an exciting Thrifty Thursday concept to share, if time allows!

It's good to be back! I've got a lot of catching up to do!


Kimi Harris said...

So glad you are back! I will be thinking if I have any "great" suggestions....so sorry to hear about your health troubles!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're back, Carrie!

I think you're right -- God is leading you to GAPS.

Dr. Campbell McBride says that GFCF is not enough.

Here is the explanation:

The reason is this: you have to give the digestive tract a rest so it can heal.

There are 3 kinds of sugars in food:

1. Single sugars (monosaccharides)
2. Double sugars (disaccharides)
3. Multiple sugars (polysaccharides)

Foods that are single sugars are easy to digest. You don't need any enzymes to digest them.

In order to digest double and multiple sugars, you need enzymes that are excreted by the digestive tract.

In the digestive tract, there are things called enterocytes. Healthy enterocytes are covered with something that looks like hair or grass called microvilli.

In damaged guts with abnormal gut flora, the microvilli is not there. The enterocytes are bald. If you don't have microvilli, you aren't excreting the enzymes.

And this is why many people cannot digest double and multiple sugars. They don't have the microvilli.

(I want to make a t-shirt that says, "GOT MICROVILLI?" LOL!)

Anyway this explains why enzyme therapy helps autistic and allergy kids to some extent but it is only a stopgap solution. Similarly, gluten free only gets you so far. Gluten and casein are not simple sugars so you can't digest them until your microvilli grows back.

Which involves giving the enterocytes rest, consuming lots of bone broth and strong probiotics (like Biokult or LOTS of kefir) and time.

Please join the Yahoo GAPS Help group.


So many wonderful people on there, including Millie who wrote that testimonial about her son Kevin (the one I posted on my blog).

And if there is any way you can break away and come to Ann Arbor for a weekend, we are all going! It's only $45 for the full day of speakers including Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride (and Sally Fallon). And it's a small audience so it will be a much more personal setting.

Millie is going to be there, Diane from Peaceful Acres blog, and Kelly the Kitchen Kop, plus a bunch of other people have told me they are going. Kelly and I are going to host a little get-together at the end of the festival -- in the restaurant lounge.

Some of us are sharing rooms to defray cost (I'm sharing with Diane). And I'm talking to
Archie the organizer about babysitting. I could share a babysitter with you if you are interested.

I found a flight for around $300 RT.

Anyway -- I think it would be great if you could come. But if you can't, don't worry, there are so many bloggers going, there will be lots of posts about it.

Anyway hope to see you on GAPS Help soon.

Sorry for the LOOOOONNNNNGGG comment. :-)


Michele said...

Oh, wow, Carrie-
Have you seen these-

I'm looking forward to hearing what you figure out! :)

Carrie T said...

Thanks, everyone!

Great to see you Kimi!

Ann Marie, thanks for the long comment. Anytime!!! I just joined gaps help. I posted something last night, but it didn't seem to show up. I will post again!

I would LOVE to go to the DC festival...maybe it can be my birthday present! I will contact you if it looks possible!

I appreciate your long explanation, it's so helpful!


I JUST found the scd recipes site!!! It looks awesome. I'm going to Bob's Red Mill tomorrow to buy some almond flour in bulk (let me know if you want to go in halvsies and split it!) so I can make some sandwich breads and muffins that my daughter will like.

I'm also trying a hazelnut shortbread (from NT) and I think it will be yummy!

I just need some brainstorm time to incorporate all this new info!

Anonymous said...

Wow I would LOVE it if you could come to the festival. It's turning into a mini-WAPF-blogger conference as well hahaha! We are going to have a blast.

Kelly and I also plan on visiting with sponsors while there to talk about getting them to advertise on our blogs.

I have a plan brewing that we can all use to make some money and help the companies who sell WAPF-type products. Won't that be awesome?

So this trip is going to be tax deductible for us.

Like I said, we can split the cost of a babysitter if you can go.

PS: You might want to slow down on the nuts and such in the beginning of GAPS. Go on GAPS Help and read their files -- the first few weeks should be pretty much soups, stews, meats, broths, and such.

We didn't introduce almond bread until about a month in if I recall correctly. Maybe 6 weeks? I can't remember...

Alana said...

When I was trying the SCD diet for my daughter, we ate lots of pumpkin or squash pancakes (add egg, chopped onion, that sort of thing). White pumpkin became a potato substitute, which was good. I also used the pumkin/squashes in soups.

Another feature of the SCD diet is that one can have goat milk yogurt that has been fermented 24 hours so that all the milk sugars are gone. Lots of good information out there on the internet, as well as recipe ideas.

good luck with everything.

Kimberly said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Kirsten's stomach issues. You're in my thoughts babe!