Menu Plan Monday: Vegetarian week

The first week of August is upon us, and we Orthodox Christians are preparing for the feast of the Dormition by fasting for the first 14 days of August. In my family, the adults are fasting from meat, which means that dinners will be vegetarian, while breakfasts and lunches will still include meats for the kids from time to time. Fasting is a way in which we cleanse our souls and bodies of toxins, both spiritual and physical!

I am looking forward to this next 14 days, mostly because we gather at church every evening for the beautiful service of the Paraclesis. This is a particularly special service for me as it's provided comfort through many difficult times. In that vein, I'm planning simple meals that will allow us to focus on going to the services rather than cooking complicated meals. I am also keeping in mind that it's supposed to be VERY hot this week! As usual, I have many different types of fresh vegetables to use in my fridge (cabbage, green beans, potatoes, zucchini, squash, lettuce, berries, bell pepper, basil, parsley, cilantro, avocados, lemons, limes) and many different grains and legumes recently purchased at Bob's Red Mill (quinoa, amaranth, teff, garbanzos, white beans). So let's see what we can do!

To do: Begin sprouting chickpeas and almonds

B: scrambled eggs w/ cortido
L: leftover lentil soup, salad, watermelon, sausages for the children
D: zucchini pancakes topped w/lacto-fermented ginger carrots and creme fraiche

To do: Make prosfora bread for church, prepare potluck dish, soak quinoa

B: green smoothies
L: rice crackers with salmon-cream cheese-dill spread, steamed carrot sticks
D: Church potluck: Green salad w/ avocados, cukes, carrots, sunflower seeds, and vinaigrette

To do: Make yogurt! Go to farmer's market, make lacto-fermented salsa

B: peaches sauteed in butter and cinnamon w/ yogurt
L: veggie quesadillas

To do: Soak beans and rice

B: Fried eggs w/ cortido
L: raw honey and almond butter burritos (on rice tortillas), carrot sticks, pickles
D: cauliflower pasta salad (this is your basic pasta salad, only steamed cauliflower is subbed for the pasta! It's delicious tossed with italian herbs, garlic, and a high quality olive oil!)


B: Lenten pancakes from my sister's blog!
L: "Mac and Peas" (Kirsten's favorite, rice noodles with butter, vegetable broth powder, nutritional yeast, and peas), with Hot Dogs for the kids
D: Mexican style beans and rice topped with onions, avocado, cilantro, cheese, and lacto-fermented salsa


B: Yogurt, fruit, eggs
L: leftovers
D: Healthy Nachos (I will post this recipe, I promise!)

L: leftovers, sauteed veggies
D: zucchini fritata (super easy recipe and it tastes great! From Nourishing Traditions)

We'll see how this goes! For more inspiring recipe ideas, please visit the Organizing Junkie!


nessatxmom said...

peaches sauteed in butter and cinnamon w/ yogurt This sounds so yummy! I love reading others' menus because I get ideas I never would've thought of on my own. THanks for sharing!

Have a blessed week!

Angela's Kitchen said...

Have a lovely week. It sounds like it will be a special blessing for you.

I really enjoy your blog (being GF and dairy free, loving nutritional traditions and organics..) I really like your 'do ahead' steps. That is always in my head, but if it was on my plan, the kids could chip in more on their own without me telling them... hmmm... gotta add that. Thanks!

Carrie T said...

Thanks, ladies!

Yeah, the peaches are really amazing. It's an easy way to achieve the essense of "pie" without all the work (and gluten).


The "prep notes" are a must for me! I would forget if it weren't for that!!

Thanks for visiting! I will look forward to checking out your blogs as well!