Menu Plan Monday

After writing yesterday's post, I popped over to Cheeseslave's blog and read this. Amazing! Her post couldn't have come at a more appropriate time for me. I've always known about GAPS, but wasn't sure it was something we needed to do. I thought perhaps that Gluten Free was enough given my daughter's issues.

Not to try to complicate my life reductio ad absurdum, I really feel that God is leading us to GAPS and has laid a path for us. Now it won't be as big of a jump as it might have been 6 months ago. I basically have to do GAPS for Kirsten's sake anyway, and babies under 2 should eat GAPS (or at least grain-free) anyway. And I'm pretty sure my husband's issues could be greatly improved on GAPS.

Anyway, I'll post more on this, but here's what I'm cooking up this week to try to conform a little more with GAPS or the SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet).

Monday: Defrost and cube lamb shoulder, defrost ground beef
B: Eggs w/ cortido/salsa
L: Egg-lemon soup. l/o roast beef and salad
D: Chicken and coconut flour dumplings ( from l/o roast chicken)

Tuesday: Make breakfast sausage

B: Kefir smoothies, homemade beef bfast sausage
L: l/o chicken and dumplings
D: braised lamb and green beens

Wednesday: Make muffins , defrost roe

B: Zucchini muffins and sauteed peaches w/ goat yogurt
L: Salmon cakes w/sauteed veggies
D: Roe soup with cucumber-tomato-onion salad

Thursday: Mourn the loss of my twenties?

B: Pesto eggs (or breakfast in bed?) l/o roe soup
L: Lunch w/ a f riend
D:Dinner @ church


B: Hazelnut scones
L: Purple Vegetable soup and leftovers
D: Out with friends


B: peach kefir smoothies
L: Reception at my sister's house
D: Hotdogs, sauerkraut, sauteed veggies


L: Leftovers
For more menu plans, visit the Organizing Junkie!


seamaiden said...

Hi there! I have a gluten-free blog too and just thought I'd come over and say hello from Meal Plan Monday.

of the Book of Yum

Vittoria said...

I saw you on OrgJunky's menu swap and I'm GF and SCD as well. Just wanted to say Hi

Anonymous said...

"Now it won't be as big of a jump as it might have been 6 months ago."

I love your positive attitude, Carrie.

:-) :-) :-)

Happy Monday!

Karl Thienes said...

I'm curious who you think is making you breakfast in bed on Thursday. Is this after I go to work? Maybe I should bring in a bowl of Lucky Charms with chocolate milk just for shock value. I love you!

Kimberly said...

My dearest Carrie, I've been thinking of you as I shop in Kenya. As you know, I'm no thrifty organic, but here in Africa it is certainly easy to go organic. Actually, things here just don't have preservatives, unless it's imported. So my diet is improving, although it in no way exemplifies your amazing diet. I thought you'd be proud. :)

Love you,

Carrie T said...


Seamaiden, I love your blog!
Vittoria, I look forward to seeing your blog! I need more SCD inspiration!
Karl, LOL!!!
Kimmie, thanks for stopping by!!! I'm discovering that eating this way is more like traditional nations than anything!