Menu Plan Monday

Happy Labor Day! Wow, it's hard to believe that September is already here. It feels so crisp and cool outside and reminds me of the telltale start of school. Speaking of which, my daughter Kirsten is starting a morning program 3 days a week at our church's preschool which means that I will need to start packing lunches and some special snacks for her diet. I'm hoping all goes well with that..........I've gone back and forth about sending her because ultimately I plan on homeschooling her because our church's school only goes up to 3rd grade. We'll see how it goes! Luckily, this week is not a normal week and she only has school on Friday. That gives me some time to prepare for the new routine!

Monday:Defrost stew meat
B: Breakfast sausage and l/o vegetable soup
L: L/o braised lamb and green beans
D: Slow-cooker beef stew

Tuesday: Defrost ground beef, soak white beans
B: Smoked salmon and eggs
L: l/o beef stew and salad
D: stuffed bell peppers from NT (make double the stuffing)

Wednesday: Render tallow
B: Roe cakes w/ miso soup
L: l/o bell peppers
D: Vegetarian white bean chili, steamed green beans

B: Coconut smoothies
L: l/o white bean chili
D: Moussaka (broiled eggplant layered with l/o stuffed peppers)

B: Bacon and zucchnini eggs
L: l/o medley, sunflower crackers and butter for snack
D: veggie-shrimp stir-fry

Saturday: To do: make stock, make snacks for the week
B: coconut smoothies
L: bacon and cabbage saute
D: hot dogs, sauerkraut, salad


L: leftovers
D: zucchini-ground beef bake

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