My daily routine

Posting my menu plans every week has really helped me to be accountable to "using what I have" and has really helped save time and money and stress. In that vein, I've been thinking about how to best manage my time in other areas as well; cleaning house, educating/playing with children (w/o TV), exercise, rest, outside time, and errands. Not to mention time for myself and my marriage!

Some of you have remarked that I must spend all day in the kitchen. I do spend a lot of time cooking meals and cleaning up after meals, but I really don't spend all day! I thought I might reflect on the daily routine of a mother who has two young children, trying to cook traditionally on a one-income budget:

6:30 am Wake up. I like days when I wake up on my own, rather than being woken up ;) On an ideal day, I would do my T-Tapp 15-minute routine.

  • Greet children, change diapers, nurse for comfort.

  • Drink tall glass of lemon water.

  • Shower

  • Prepare breakfast for family, including hubby.

  • Take cod liver oil, eat breakfast.

  • Clear dishes to kitchen.

  • Children "help" empty dishwasher or play as I wash dishes.

  • Check "to do list" for any prep items

  • Dress baby, 3 y.o dresses herself
  • Morning prayers

Morning chore: (Kids "help" now, but as they get older they will get responsible for them) 15-20 min. max!!!

  • Monday: laundry (wash/dry/fold)

  • Tuesday: bathroom #1 spiff (spray/wipe down all surfaces, clean toilets)

  • Wednesday: laundry (wash/dry/fold)
  • Thursday: bathroom #2 spiff (spray down all surfaces, clean toilets)

  • Friday: organize a "hot spot" (a cluttered area of neglect)

Mid-morning outing: (Around 10 am) This is the time in the day I designate for an errand or time "out" of the house

  • Walk to park or store

  • Shopping (I rarely shop during the week, but occasionally we get groceries )

  • Farm visit (pick up milk, pick berries, fruit, or veggies)

  • Play dates or meetings

  • Library trips

Home for lunch (around noon):

  • Prepare lunch (usually takes about 15 min. to prep), kids help or play alongside

  • Eat lunch (w/ hubby on most days when he can walk home!)

  • Nurse baby down for nap (he naps 2.5 -3 hours!)

Afternoon (12:30-2:30): "Girl time" with daughter/Chores

  • Play dolls, play "school", do art, read books (one-on-one time; her choice)

  • I try to weave in a few minutes here or there of prep in kitchen, whether soaking or chopping veggies, etc. or clean. I usually "subtly" organize her room while we play to keep things clean.

  • Into the 2nd hour, we usually work together in the kitchen to make kombucha , sauerkraut, or something else food-related. I use this as a time to educate her about nutrition, counting, colors, shapes, etc.

Late afternoon (whenever baby wakes up): "Outside play time"

  • Lately this has been walks (sans stroller, so both kids can get out their energy)

  • Time outside with neighbors (we have a condo with a playground and a large play yard and some other young kids to play with!)

  • Pool or hose time

  • Walk to a "shady park"

  • I basically try to stay close to home because traffic gets bad around this time, kids get hungry and need to eat dinner early, so we often try to be back by about 4 so I can prep dinner

Early evening (i.e. the witching hour!)

  • Scramble to prep dinner while keeping kids sane

  • Once in a great while I resort to the "Old School Sesame Street DVD" for 3 year old if needed

  • Eat Dinner

  • Baby gets a bath, a story, nurses, prayers, and goes to bed

  • 3 year old gets stories and daddy time, prayers,and then goes to bed (both kids usually down by 7:30)

Evening (i.e. Ahhhh time)

  • Hubby and I tag team kitchen clean-up and catch up on our days

  • Check my "to do" list for soaking, prepping for next day

  • Water garden, empty compost

  • Check e-mail, possibly blog

  • Work out (if I didn't get to that morning)

  • Chores (floor mopping, counter and sink scrubbing)

  • One night a week: "Special cooking project" (i.e. yogurt making, pickling, snack bars or treats)

  • Spend time with hubby

Sleep (usually way too late, like 11:00)

Wake up occasionally to child needing something. Called to remembrance of self-sacrifice and unconditional love :)

Sleep.....and great a new day!

I am happy and comfortable with the way my routine has evolved (and I know it will continue to do so), but there's always room for improvement. For instance, I want to make more time/space to just meditate, read my Bible, journal, etc. I wish I could spend more time with my friends. But I've come to believe that this is where I'm at right now in life, and I'm just really trying to appreciate this time. There's not a lot of rest for the weary, but every day there are plenty of moments that make it all worthwhile and I know I will cherish these days of young mommyhood forever!

What's your daily routine??? If you have a blog, please leave a comment and a link to your post. I am always awed and inspired by all of you, and want to know how you weave in all that you do! If you don't have a blog, feel free to leave a nice long comment :)


H and S said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog and am very interested in your routine. I am pregnant with my fifth child: the others are aged 6, 5, 2, and 10 months. So my routine is pretty crammed and most days pretty stressful - but in a good way, I guess!

Wake before 6am (woken by baby and 5yo who always wake early)

Breakfast for those two, nappy change, drink lots of water. Start preparing lunches and uniforms.

Two other children wake up. Breakfast and nappy change.

Try to fit in my own breakfast.

Make coffee for husband and self. necessary for waking up.

Rush around finding things, packing bags, adjudicating arguments, rescuing baby, trying to be cheerful, continually reminding older children to get dressed.

Drive everyone to school for two older children drop-off. Reading at school. Drive home. Convince 2yo to get out of car.

Morning tea. Fruit and milo.

Minimum (and now also maximum) morning chores: put on load of washing, and wash dishes. Nothing more, nothing less. Baby naps less than an hour.


Read stories, play games, tidy up. Baby naps again, less than an hour.

School pick up.

Afternoon tea.

4pm: start dinner. If I don't start this early, no matter what it is, dinner will be late. I expect constant interruptions and things to go wrong.

5:30pm dinner

6pm all children in the bath

6:30pm stories, pyjamas on

7pm bedtime (except for oldest child who does homework then goes to bed)

then husband and I clean kitchen, try to relax, I do work on computer, he does study.

On tuesdays, thursday and sundays: go to sister's house nearby for exercise together.

Collapse into bed far too late, around 11pm.

I forgot to mention shower! That's because I often miss out on one at the moment. Resorting to old-fashioned ways of personal hygiene, such as flannels... hmmm.

Sounds crazy. I guess it is, but life's good!

Erica said...

Your busy, but I bet you enjoy it :) I'll make a post sometime this week on what we normally do!

Natalie said...


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog! I learn so much from you! I have SO much to learn being a mommy of ONLY one =) I appreciate you and your life style, your eating habits, your mommyness =)

I seriously don't want to list my daily routine, but I'll say that I spend WAY too much time on the internet! I read alot and learn as much as I can whenever I can... about nutrition, WAP, babies, the whole deal =)

I am in AWE of you!

Oh, I live just across the 205 bridge from you - YAY! =o))

Much respect,

Carrie T said...

H and S~ Wow! That's amazing of you! I don't know how I'd manage with four!

Natalie~ Aw shucks. You are so sweet! I've enjoyed getting to know you via the yahoogroups. I appreciate your honesty and struggles as a new mama. I was totally there.

I would love to meet with you sometime. There's a free museum in the Couve at the Water District Headquarters. I'll be our kids would have fun and we could chat! Feel free to p-mail me if you want!

Erin said...

Thanks for this post. I have four kids (14,8,6 and 2 months) and you have such a great routine down I'm going to adapt it to my household. I don't feel like I get much of anything done with a new baby in the house. I was used to having the older kids entertain themselves while I cooked/cleaned/etc. I'm looking forward to establishing some order here!

Karen said...

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