Technical Difficulties

Well, my "free ride" has come to an end. In the spirit of being "thrifty", we have been using "free wireless" workgroups that we could access from home. Lately, we haven't been able to log on, so I haven't been able to update posts, respond to comments, or read all of your amazing blogs! I'm calling our local internet provider (sigh) this week in order to "take the plunge" and buy internet. So, as soon as I'm hooked up to the comcast juggernaught, I'll be back in business.

If you would like to subscribe to this blog (and thus receive an e-mail when I'm back up and running) feel free to click the link at the right. I think it works....

Hopefully I'll be back up and running in a few days. I guess I'll be "fasting" from the internet through the end of Dormition *wink*!

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Iconography Girl said...

I feel your pain!! We couldn't stand the $55.95/mo bill any longer so we pulled the plug, determined to get $9.95/mo dial-up (also to curtail my overuse of the internet). Then 'brilliant me' thought of sharing internet with our neighbor (high speed @$20/mo). However, DH has not yet had time to figure out the firewall/security stuff with them yet. So, for now, we are using a "free wireless workgroup", compliments of I do not know whom.

If I were really strong, I'd do the dial-up and be in the other room playing with my kids right now. Instead, I am checking my email "one more time" and going on line "really quickly" while I put on an educational DVD for some quiet time for them.