Back from the Netherworld: Another Week's Menus

I feel like such an inconsistant blogger. My internet connection is still very unreliable....but perhaps it's okay that I didn't have this "distraction" tempting me last week. I needed every free moment last week (after the kids were asleep) to prep snacks, lunches, etc. for Kirsten's school lunch. I've kind of gotten into a routine. I basically make coconut flour muffins every other night for quick lunches and snacks. This week, I've included menu plans for Kirsten's lunches as well.


B: egg/veggie scramble with avocado
L: Salad with chevre, walnuts, pickled beets and pears
(for the kids: cheese, pickles, and leftovers!)
D: pot roast (crock pot) w/ sauteed eggplant

To do: Make muffins, dehydrate leftover eggplant slices for "chips"

B: bacon and eggs with avocado
L: l/o roast, green peas, sauteed chard, muffins
D: cabbage burger bake (crock pot)

To do: Defrost and brine lamb shoulder

B: Muffins and vegetable juice
L: Mussels & Veggies (Kirsten: leftover cabbage burger bake, crackers & butter)
D: Tunafish curry

To do: Make butternut squash pudding. Make chicken stock.

B: Breakfast sausage and squash pudding.
L: Veggie saute and l/o curry (Kirsten: hot dog, veggies, muffins)
D: braised lamb & green beans

To do: Soak white beans.

B: scrambled eggs/veggies
L: leftovers
D: Mexican soup

To do: Make cookies for church Saturday.

Weekends have become "whatever's left" so I'm not going to plan for them anymore! For more menu planning inspiration, visit the Organizing Junkie!


Joyful Days said...

Sounds like a yummy menu. Have a great week.

Susan Sophia said...

Menu planning is by far one of my biggest hurdles!!!
I just cannot seem to do it.
But not having a menu here in our busy lives creates such chaos I can't stand it. It creates wastefulness and stress.
How do I overcome this hurdle?

I'm sure I know the answer somewhere in my heart.

"Just do it"....right?

Betsy said...

What recipe do you use for the coconut flour muffins? I have some coconut flour . . .

Xenia Kathryn said...

Yes, I'd love to have your coconut muffin recipe, too!

I'm glad Kirsten is adjusting well to the GAPS diet. I'm also glad you're taking it easy on the weekends. :D You work so hard, you're entitled to some delicious gourmet leftovers.

Joyful Mama said...

I do believe it's almost impossible to do the diet, especially at first, without some kind of menu plan....Yours sounds yummy.....
kellythekitchenkop has a great write up about the diet today.....
Have a great day!!!

Susan Sophia said...

The organizing Junkie link is wrong...should be .com not .org.

H and S said...

what's squash pudding?