Coconut Flour Honey Muffins

Thank heaven for coconut flour! All I can say is that this is a miracle flour for our family! It's low carb and high in fiber and has that wonderful "bread-like" texture that we crave sometimes, without the gluten and carbs!

Many of you have asked me to share our Honey Muffin recipe. Instead of posting the recipe, I will direct you to it. Go here for a GREAT website on cooking with coconut flour. I'll give credit where credit is due!

Also, if I haven't mentioned it before, Bruce Fife's _Cooking with Coconut Flour_ is a must have for low-carb, gluten-free, Gaps-friendly cooking! You can follow this link to order a copy for yourself:


Kid Feed Mommy said...

These sound great! Do you buy your coconut flour in bulk? Have you found it for a good price?

Betsy said...

I made these this morning--they were really yummy and eggy (due to three eggs for 1/2 batch!). Thanks for ideas on uses for coconut flour. I made some choco. chip cookies that weren't too good, so I'm glad to find another recipe.

Carrie T said...


I have not yet purchased CF in bulk, as I typically freeze it and don't have enough room in my freezer for a big bag.

I am considering purchasing a case from Bob's Red Mill as I have a 50% off coupon to use there! Woo hoo!


Yes, we love the muffins! Try adding some shredded zucchini sometime. Totally yummy, especially slathered with almond butter!

I'm so glad CF is taking off!

Eileen said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE coconut flour, own and use Bruce Fife's cookbook, and highly recommend it, providing one can eat eggs. Just picked up a case of coconut flour this evening from Azure standard (they deliver to a co-op at a friend's house). This is a terrific blog. So much more relevant to how I feed my family than most food sites.
-Eileen http://fitnessfriendsfood.blogspot.com