Who was Weston Price?

In the last couple of years, it has become increasingly clear to me that the government has been heavily influincing what we eat. The food pyramids, the RDA's on the back of every package of food we buy. The subtle marketing that goes on to make us think said packaged food product is "heart healthy" or "made with whole grains", etc.

Sally Fallon calls these people the Diet Dictocrats and their message is "Politically Correct Nutrition". The funny thing about Politically Correct Nutrition is that the "healthy foods" are almost always packaged and they almost always include soybean or corn derivitives.

And do you think the US government gets any direct benefit from squeezing soy or corn into nearly everything we eat? You betcha! Soybeans and corn are the largest US agriculteral subsidies and it behooves the government to get these products out on the market. The soy and corn industry are huge in this country, and the food industry depends making these cheap, hard-to-digest "vegetables" (if you can call them that) edible. Soy and corn are cheap to grow, and easy to sell as they're puffed, packaged, and polished for every American who likes their food cheap and fast.

To put it frankly, the FDA is married to the Food Industry in this country in an almost conspiratorial way. Why else are many of it's top-ranking officials former executives of top food and pharmaceutical corporations?

So where does the Weston A Price Foundation come in? Well, to put it simply, they are an independant, grass-roots organization that works to fight the Food Giants and advocate for "Truth in Labeling", small-scale organic farming, and a return to traditional and sustainable ways of cooking and eating.

They are comprised of very talented, independent scientists, physicians, educators, researchers, nutritionists, farmers, ranchers, and regular old people like you and me. They get no money from the Dairy or Beef/Cattle industry. They promote healthy, whole foods such as Raw Milk and are lobbying in Washington DC and at the state level to get the unconstitutional bans on raw milk lifted in many states.

Please take a moment, if you are not familiar with the foundation, to view this very interesting video:

Please consider joining me in becoming a member of this great organization. The information the WAPF provided for me has literally saved my children's lives. Without the research and information I've found through them, not to mention the support in other members, I would have two very sick children right now.

This foundation has provided an alternative to the predominant message that our health is out of our hands.

I am amazed as I daily witness the miraculous healings of those who have returned to the diet that, for ages before us, sustained human life. I give God the glory for this Foundation. This organization needs support from "viewers like you". Let's send a message to the Diet Dictocrats in Washington by adding to the numbers of the Weston A. Price Foundation!

You can find more information about the foundation at the Weston A Price website.

Oh and one more reason to join: You will receive an outstanding quarterly journal full of relevant, intriguing articles and practical tips for feeding your family!

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Xenia Kathryn said...

Sweet post, Carrie!!!

Although I'm not a perfect "WAP," I feel like I've benefited so much from what I've learned. I wish everyone would take this all into consideration. I'm so outraged by all of the "healthy" food out that there is really harmful.