Menu Plan Monday

This week's menu has been influenced by Donna Gates' _The Body Ecology Diet_, which finally arrived through the inter-library loan after several weeks of waiting. Even though we're following GAPS, I'm interested in incorporating more of the food-combining principles set forth in this book. More on this to come, but suffice to say this is a VERY informative book that ties together all of the principles of diet and healing that I had previously studied! I hope to post more this week from the book. Stay tuned...


B: kefir smoothies w/ strawberries

L: taco meat with hidden veggies topped with fresh avocado, tomato, salsa, & raw cheese

D: sauteed broccoli, red peppers, and goat/feta cheese and leftover chicken in reduction sauce


B: cauliflower-dill soup w/ chicken apple sausages

L: sardines and arame-veggie saute, leftover taco meat for Kirsten w/ raw veggies

D: Kerry Ann's sloppy joes (adapted for slow cooker) w/ pink sauerkraut


B: acorn squash pudding

L: zucchini-onion saute w/steamed green beans

D: Quinoa-cilantro salad w/ cucumbers, lemon juice, & garlic


B: coconut muffins

L: hot dogs, cheese, lacto-fermented pickes

D: Italian Baked Beans w/ pink sauerkraut


B : miso soup

L: lentil-vegetable soup

D: spaghetti squash pad thai w/ peanut sauce


B: cranberry kefir smoothies

L: Veggie-Feta omlette

D: hot dogs, "drunken broccoli", sauerkraut


L: leftover buffet

D: soup (TBA)

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I'm also searching for some diet food recipes this time.