Menu tip of the week: Consider eating 2 vegetarian meals per week to give your body a chance to "rest" from meat digestion and to save a litte money! We regularly have Wednesdays and Fridays meat-free (in following our Orthodox Christian tradition). Challenge yourself by making a tasty "rice and bean" meal each week....these are very thrifty and nourishing when properly prepared!

It's that time of the week again. I'm going to miss my weekly CSA bag....our last bundle of goodness was delivered last Thursday, so I'll savor all of its bounty while I have it. Fortunately, the weather here in Oregon has been so lovely that the farmer's market Saturday was still boasting locally-grown produce in all shapes and sizes. I'm hoping the harvest will hold out for another couple of weeks!

Kirsten, by the way, is doing well. While I don't want to overdo them, I am allowing some more fruit to her diet (Wednesday morning) as well as millet (which Donna Gates of Body Ecology says is okay for a candida diet, as long as it comprises only 20% of the meal and is only combined with non-starchy vegetables)

B: turkey-sausage omlette
L: veggie saute (zucchini, carrots, onions, etc.) w/ millet
D: sicilian salsa (crockpot) over spaghetti squash

B: strawberry-kefir smoothies w/ coconut muffins
L: leftover baked potatoes with "the works" (kraut, butter, avocado, cheese)
D: taco meat w/ hidden veggies (crockpot) topped with salsa and guacamole
Make fish broth using bonito flakes and kelp, defrost lamb

B: apples sauteed in butter w/ cinnamon
L: miso soup w/ seaweed & veggies
D: pad thai w/ kelp noodles
Marinate lamb, bake butternut squash

B: veggie egg scramble
L: tuna nori roll-ups
D: morrocan lamb (crock-pot)
steam cauliflower, defrost roe

B: pumpkin pudding
L: sauteed fish roe topped with cauliflower sauce
D: tabouli-millet patties (from Betty Crocker!) w/ fresh veggies

B: kids out with dad, me @ women's retreat
L: leftover morrocan lamb
D: hot dogs, veggie saute, sauerkraut

D: millet topped w/ curried squash sauce


Kelsey and Tony said...

I just sent your menu planner and website to my mom's group. Spreading the word!

Carrie T said...


Wow! Wonderful! Thank you. All the things we're learning now that we've started our 4th decade, right?!?!

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