Menu Plan Time

Menu Planning Tip of the Week:

Once you've planned your menu, take inventory of what items need to be "chopped" (i.e., will you need 3 cups of onions to be chopped throughout the week?). Ergo, you chop all of the onions you'll need at once and place them in a storage device in your fridge until it comes time to use them. That will save you the time and the tears!

This week's menus are built around the incredible bounty of fall. Our fall here in Portland has been absolutely gorgeous! This week we're looking at sunny skies for the next several days. I'm hoping to get out to a farm or two and get some great deals on veggies (tomatoes, winter squash, etc.) so that I can freeze or can (read: ferment) them.
I'm feeling the need to get food while it's available, if you know what I mean. Supporting local farmers and making a personal "farm - to -table" connection is a really good thing. When tough times come (and I think they are), do you trust your impersonal, neighborhood Safeway or your trusty, hardworking, farmer friend?
Okay, *step down from soapbox*.
In other news, if you are a regular reader of my meal plans (thanks, by the way, if you do actually read to the end. That's very sweet!) you'll see I'm trying to incorporate more sea vegetables into our diet. These provide lots of nutritious trace minerals that are sadly lacking in our soil.
Let's move on to the meal plan :
Defrost shredded chicken, prep crock pot chicken stock, defrost lamb, brine overnight
B: scrambled eggs w/ dill, feta, and tomatoes
D: Caesar salad w/ avocado, chicken, and dulse (made with Nourishing Traditions Caesar Dressing)
Make coconut muffins, make mayo
Soak almonds for crispy nuts
B: strawberry kefir smoothies, coconut muffins
L: "drunken" broccoli stir-fry (Kirsten: broccoli salad w/ bacon,raisins and kelp chips)
D: braised lamb w/ green beans & sauerkraut
B: squash pudding
L: leftovers (Kirsten: nori krinkles, smoked salmon-avocado-dulse roll-ups)
D: KerryAnn's honey -baked lentils (crock pot)
Prep breakfast sausages
B: Turkey-apple breakfast sausages (from NT), sauerkraut
L: seaweed stir fry w/ kim chee (Kirsten: hot dog, cucumbers, kombucha)
D: tuna curry w/ aloo muttar (potato and pea curry) and pickles
B: Curried winter squash soup
L: baked red potato topped with cultured veggies & arame
D: vegetarian white bean chili
B: kefir, coconut muffins w/ almond butter (kids out w/ dad)
L: veggie fritata or chile releno topped with salsa & avocado
D: hot dogs, pickled beets, goat cheese chunks
B: peanut butter squash pudding (for kids)
L: @ church
D: zucchini-beef bake
For more inspiration, please visit The Organizing Junkie!


Michele @ Frugal Granola said...

What a fun menu! :)
I'd love to see your recipe for peanut butter squash pudding. I know my husband would love that one. :)


Mrs. S said...

I, too, am trying to incorporate more sea vegetables into our diet. I am looking forward to your post about using them :).

Mrs. S

Carrie T said...


You can find my basic squash pudding recipe here:


I simply added 2 tablespoons of organic peanut butter to the mix and blended it all in the food processor. It's delicious! Enjoy :)

Natalie said...

Hi girlie,
I was wondering if your husband also eats the breakfasts and lunches and dinners (obviously)... They seem so yummy BUT light (which is AWESOME imo)! My hubby likes heavier foods which required more work on my part and I continue to wish that one day he'll love the lighter meals. I love your smoothie breakfast, but over here its gotta be eggs/bacon/bread/coffee/cheese 8-D lol Not ideal...


Natalie said...

One other question!

What crockpot do you have? One that is not (or less) toxic? I REALLY want one and need some references =)