Menu Plan Monday

Menu Tip of the Week: Keep a notebook of all of your previous menu plans so that if you need inspiration, you can look back and recall some meal ideas that work!


B: Scrambed eggs w/ cortido, beet kvass, and leftover waffles
L: pan-fried scallops and Roasted Brussels Sprouts
D: chicken chunks, apples, cheese


B: kefir smoothies and coconut muffins
L: Chicken caesar salad w/ homemade salad dressing
D: Shephard's Pie with leftover meat, veggies, and topped with whipped cauliflower

To do: Start Millet in the slow cooker to cook overnight.


B: Breakfast Millet Pudding (a slow-cooked variation on this recipe)
L: Veggie Saute
D: Peruvian Quinoa Soup (from Body Ecology Diet)


B: Veggie-egg scramble
L: smoked salmon, goat cheese, and veggie sticks
D: taco salad

To do: Soak white beans


B: millet/rice waffles
L: seaweed & veggie saute
D: white bean vegetarian chili


B: kids out w/ dad
L: leftovers
D: hot dogs, sauerkraut, zucchini soup


D: quinoa-butternut squash risotto with roasted veggies

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Kalisha said...

Good menu! So, is the hotdog,zucchini soup good? I have seen a recipe for hot dog soup, but I've been afraid to try it. I guess anything with a hot dog in it has to taste good, right?

Check out my menu...http://mommylounge.wordpress.com/2008/11/09/menu-plan-monday-plus-recipes/

Carrie T said...


Thanks for visiting! I think I might have left out a comma accidentally! The zucchini soup is sans hot dog! :)

I look forward to seeing your blog!

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