This Week's Menu

Menu planning tip of the week: For simple and nourishing lunches, have on hand the ingredients for a "chef"s salad". Over a bed of greens, chop fresh veggies that you have on hand. Top with lacto-fermented sauerkraut (that' s the pink stuff in the picture above), shredded cheese of choice, and leftover meat (shredded roast beef, chicken, ham, or fish). This way, you can count on using up leftover meat and veggies in a creative, nourishing way!

Here's what's cooking this week, albeit a little late. I've been having a hard time getting "blogging time" as of late, but here's what's up and coming this week!
B: scrambled eggs w/cortido
L: dosas w/taramatosalata & kraut
To do: Defrost chicken. Make pumpkin pie.
B: kefir-berry smoothies & pumpkin muffins
L: stir-fry broccoli
D: roast chicken (in crock-pot)
To do: Roast butternut squash.
L: seaweed-veggie saute
D: cream of zucchini soup, baked red potatoes w/ sauerkraut on top
To do: Make corn tortillas
B: turkey bacon & eggs
L: tuna nori roll-ups (tuna & homemade mayo, rolled in a nori sheet with avocado)
D: chicken enchiladas (using leftover roast chicken)
To do: Soak quinoa and millet, soak lentils, make enchilada sauce
L: vegetable stir-fry medley
To do: soak white beans
B: kids out w/ dad
L: huevos rancheros
D: baked white beans, hot dogs, sauerkraut
D: curried pumpkin soup w/ leftover waffles


Angela's Kitchen said...

yummy menu. That salad looks great! What dressing is on that? Looks delish!

Thanks for sharing. Oh, and your egg article was spot on. I love my free range eggs!

Carrie T said...

Thanks, Angela! I figured I should probably post the salad dressing recipe! It's made with kefir cheese, olive oil, apple cidar vinegar, and herbs (garlic, onion, thyme, chives). I will post a more clear sort of recipe soon!


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