Menu Plan Monday: Clean Out Your Fridge Week

Since we here in the Northwest are currently experiencing what news anchors are calling the "Arctic Blast", I've been lead to believe that there's no way I'm getting out of my house to go to the store anytime in the near future. No worries for me, since I am a food pack-rat and I have plenty of frozen and dry goods....not to mention unidentifiable items in mason jars in my fridge! Oh well, since I always operate on the principle of "use what you have" (more on my menu planning philosophy can be found here), this challenge was one I am always up for!


B: gluten-free blender waffles (w/amaranth-teff-millet)

L: miso soup made w/ bonito

D: tostados made with homemade corn tortillas

To do: Dry peanuts in oven, rinse spelt sprouts


B: kefir smoothies & coconut-banana muffins

L: smoked salmon fritatta

D: spicy pinto beans & tortillas (Crock-Pot)

To do: Bake squash for morning.


B: delicata squash pudding

L: herb-roasted Brussels sprouts and spaghetti squash cakes

D: thai coconut curry soup


B: scrambled eggs w/ cortido

L: leftover pintos w/ all the fixings

D: Indian Lentil Pancakes

To do: Sprout buckwheat


B: sprouted buckwheat pancakes

L: veggie stir-fry

D: baked salmon w/ veggies (if housebound, otherwise, out for family birthday celebration)


B: smoothies

L: tuna fish on leftover Lentil Pancakes

D: gluten-free vegetable pizza


D: lentil soup

For more menu-planning inspiration, please visit The Organizing Junkie!


Candace @ A Garden of Blessings said...

That kinda looks like my fridge! My husband is afraid to even go in there anymore!

Carrie T said...


I'm glad I'm not the only one! Thanks for visiting!

Marfa said...

I'm curious about what's in all those various jars. I see juice. Raw milk? Soup? Looks quite fun!

Carrie T said...

Oh, Marfa, where do I begin? Raw Milk, for sure. There's lemon juice (the only juice we have regularly), sauerkraut, bone broth, kombucha ( which my hubby is scared to death of accidentally confusing!) creme fraiche, eggs, salad dressing, homemade mayo, kefir, lots of veggies, egg whites (I am an egg-white pack rat!!)!

I posted the pick of my fridge with great trepidation and embarrassment, but in hopes that others would relate to my various nondescript mason jars!

Thanks for visiting Marfa!!