A GAPS Birthday Party Plan:

This past week, I've been busy planning and cooking for my daughter's fourth birthday party. I'm so excited about this delicious, simple, nourishing plan! I'll share the plan, and give the "follow-up report" (with recipes!) later this week. The party is Sunday...wish me luck as I check off my list all the items to do! Read on to see the menu and what I've got left to do.

This year, I'm doing more of a meal since her birthday is on a Sunday. After church, we'll gather at our condo's community rec room and feast on the following:

*Honey-Mustard Drumsticks
*Green Beans w/ Lemon and Shallots
*Green Salad (courtesy of my in-laws)
*Veggie Tray with Dip (courtesy of my other in-laws)
*Herbal Tea "Punch"
*Coconut Flour Cupcakes
*Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream
*Homemade Vegan Chocolate-Peppermint "Ice Dream" (made w/ coconut milk!)
Simple, but good. So far I've got the ice cream prepped, and Saturday night I'll marinate the drumsticks and bake the cupcakes. To keep it simple, I'm just going to "frost" them with whipped cream. Yum! I sure hope my daughter likes it! I'll keep you posted.

As for the party, we've got princess on the mind. We'll have a doll house area set up, a pedicure station, a play-doh table, and a dress-up area. For party favors, my daughter is handing out custom-designed fruit leathers (i.e. she decorates them with stickers for each guest uniquely!).Here's hoping that by the end of the day we'll have well-nourished, happy (rather than hyper) children who've enjoyed a creative day of play and good food!


Christy said...

That sounds great! I'm considering going gaps with my 3 children during the summer and they all have summer birthdays. There are some great ideas here. Thanks for posting and have fun at the party!

Michele @ Frugal Granola said...

Oh, I just found this after I sent your e-mail! It looks like a wonderful meal plan, complete with coconut flour cupcakes! :)

Hope she has a great day!

Iconography Girl said...

Happy Birthday K!

We just had DS1's party today. We have reached the 'age of the boy.' The "no girls" party began with five little boys running around playing 'light sabers'(everyone made one out of parts of a marble run...I overheard one of them suggested they decapitate an imaginary Padme) and ended two hours AFTER everyone left with DS1 110% absorbed in his new Legos and Playmobil.

By contrast, I'm actually looking forward to a hosting a Princess-themed party some day. Good luck tomorrow!

I read your last blog about returning to GAPS. Ironically, a friend of mine just asked me for the link to your blog ("that friend of yours doing the GAPS diet with her family...").

You mentioned mercury being a factor with K; I had mercury poisoning quite a few years ago (from iconography pigments and/or too much sashimi in NYC). It can DEFINITELY mess with your neurological system. Sounds like you found a good doctor for your family. I know that must feel great!

Christy Sumerfield said...

ooooooooooooooohhhh how i wish i could be there!!!

Anonymous said...

Just returned from the "Pink Princess Fest"- and I can whole-heartedly applaud your yummy healthy menu and delicious treats! There was no shortage of excited birthday "energy"- in the room! Kirsten will be dressing her Barbies in a new outfit everyday for month now!!!She has had quite the birthday weekend!!!

Love that 4 year old!!