Quick Update: Back to Gaps

This is a very long story, which I will explain in an upcoming post, but suffice to say, we are going back to the GAPS diet. Why? Well, I recently switched naturopaths. I found one who is awesome; he is totally on the same page as far as native nutrition/Weston Price and has a very comprehensive approach to healing.

Anyway, it was a really great experience to see him and to have him work with my son and daughter . I received confirmation on what I knew all along: wheat wreaks havoc on my daughter's (as well as my) system. My son, after all of the same tests done on dd and I, came out spotless with no need for anything but what we're already doing nutritionally! That felt really good, knowing that he's nice and hardy and I can just keep doing what I'm doing.

Is it any coincidence that during his pregnancy and pre-conception, I had made major changes to my diet, including a greatly reduced sugar intake, reduced gluten intake, and increased fermented, grass-fed, raw "whole foods"? I had also started including coconut oil in my due to the advice of this great book, Eat Fat Lose Fat. I greatly credit real food (as God intended it) in my swift recovery from a c-section (unfortunately the food couldn't correct my pelvic deformity that rendered my children unable to properly descend and be born normally!)

My doctor says that 75-90% of illness if diet-based. The bulk of his protocal is nutritional (adopting a WAP diet) and any of the supplements prescribed are food-based/herbal. He found mercury and wheat to be two things that were affecting my daughter's neurological system. It makes total sense, based on her health history (you can read the backstory here) and see what lead us to GAPS, which is exactly what the good Dr. prescribed for her!

So, beginning this week (I didn't post my menu this week, but it was total GAPS) we were back on GAPS and it was good! We were basically GAPS before, but we did include some millet/quinoa a few times a week. Now we're just scaling back to the meat, veggies, and goat milk dairy products. Luckily I have several GAPS meal plans and some delicous recipes, such as these grain-free cookies to look back on!

In upcoming posts, I'll be sharing more about our family's nutritional healing journey, and give more specifics on my daughter's "health puzzle". More grain-free, GAPS-friendly recipes are coming, along with GAPS menu plans that even the pickiest toddlers will eat!

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Anonymous said...

So, here's a question for you. We're scaling way back on grains right now, too. For us, though, it's not a question of health as much as it is convenience. (It's just a lot of work to sprout every grain before I put it in my mouth!) What do you plan on doing doing the Fast?

I was thinking that for my family, perhaps we could be completely GAPS/paleo during non-fasting times, and then during the Fast rely on sprouted grains and veggies and LOTS of coconut oil (otherwise we'll just fall prey to the high carb energy treadmill).

But, what will you do, feeding yourself and your children along a GAPS line? Or, is that too personal?

I'm just always curious about how people with specific diets handle fasting seasons.

Anonymous said...

I'm doing low carb right now due to health and weight loss reasons. Isn't it so expensive? My husband and son can handle non-glutenous grains, so I tend to make a meat-veggie-grain meal with grains on the side so that they can eat them and I can avoid them. It helps to bring costs down a bit. For instance, this week I'm planning grass fed beef chili with no legumes, but I'll serve baked potatoes to them to put them on.

I'd love to hear your tips and tricks for GAPS on a budget!

Carrie T said...

Both great questions!!!!


During the fast, I really struggle sometimes with that high carb temptation, as you say. I plan to emphasize veggies, coconut oil, coconut milk, nuts, shrimp and seafood. A little goes a long way. I will be making lots of fish and shrimp stocks as well. I find that copious amounts of meat really aren't necessary (just as you said in one of your posts, I totally agree with not having it be the "main attraction").

For my family, I think having nourishing, mineral-rich foods that are nutrient-dense is the most important thing. I tend do fall into the exact same routine; paleo/GAPS during non-fasting times, more body-ecology/raw food during fasting times. But since GAPS is now mandated by the doctor, I am going to ask for a dispensation. The main thing it's important for us to fast from (wheat and sugar) is probably more of an ascetic feat than meat and dairy!!!


It sure tends to be more expensive, but if you can 1) buy your meat in bulk directly from a farmer you'll save a bunch. 2) stick to ground beef and chicken drumsticks (very cheap) as well as tongue, heart, and liver you can really get nutrient-density. 3) Talk to your local butcher about getting femur or knuckle bones, chicken skins, fish carcasses & bellies, etc. These are often thrown away but can be used to make stocks, fish patties, and other snacks. My archives contain a recipe for fried chicken skins. Very cheap!

Obviously, growing your own produce would be ideal in saving money, but if that's not possible, a CSA is a pretty good deal. Frozen veggies, this time of year at least, are often a way better deal than fresh. TJ's has some great prices!

I'll totally be posting lots more along these lines in the coming weeks, so we can continue the dialogue!

Bless you in your efforts.

By the way, I LOVE the book Garden of Eating by Rachel Albert-Matesz. I will post about it soon...I lost 2 lbs this week just by eating all of her recipes!!!! It's totally Paleo...meat & veggies. Yumm!

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