Two Cookbooks I Wish I'd Written

I have great aspirations of someday compiling enough original thoughts to be published into book form. Perhaps I'll call it "The Thrifty Oreganic: How to Live Cheaply While Eating Rich" or some such thing.

Two of my previous ideas for cookbooks have already been written, and I've got to say I wish I had thought of the idea first! Thankfully, I can benefit from the hard work that others have put in and save my creative energy for the above-mentioned book. *wink*

The first book I've enjoyed (and wish I'd written) is called Simply in Season.

This book comes from the trusted Mennonite World Community cookbook series (including More with Less, another great book) and is written totally by season. The recipe chapters are, simply, Spring, Summer, etc. The book is, above all else, inspirational. Because it's not completely gluten-free (although most recipes are) I can't rely upon it for baking or dessert ideas, but that's OK. I know how to modify. The really great thing about this book is that relies upon simple, whole food ingredients that are fresh and seasonal. Emphasizing local, organic dairy and produce, this book is, as its title suggests, simple!!!

Along with its simplicity, Simply In Season offers a variety of internationally-inspired meals that are indeed very thrifty. Many of the meals can be compiled for pennies per serving. Slight modifications need to be made in order to make the book more in line with Weston A Price principles, (such as soaking flour).

Another great thing about this cookbook is that it offers many tips and resources for converting to a more local, sustainable way of eating. Interspersed throughout the recipes are beautiful lines of poetry penned by various folks who have worked with or contributed to the Mennonite Cookbook effort. I love the appreciation the Mennonites have for the spiritual aspect of food. The Mennonites, in my book, are the original "Real Foodies" (they've been green and sustainable all along; before it was hip!) For more information on Simply In Season you can go the the blog.

Another book I recently discovered was The Ice Dream Cookbook , by Rachel Albert-Matesz. Rachel is also known as The Healthy Cooking Coach. A trained chef, Rachel is passionate about teaching others how to incorporate the principles of healthy eating into their lives.

All of Rachel's recipes are gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and dairy-free. (She supports the use of raw dairy, but since that's not accessible to everyone she generally supports a dairy-free diet). Anyway, this cookbook is full of delicious, nourishing recipes for "Ice Dream" which is Rachel's version of ice cream using coconut milk. She has pages and pages of delicious, unique recipes for her frozen dessert, along with a whole chapter on healthy sauces as well as gluten-free treats to round out any delicious dinner party.

This cookbook was given to me by a friend who happened to acquire two copies, and I am so thankful for it! It couldn't have come at a better time; my daughter's 4th birthday is a few weeks away and now I have a HUGE resource of healthy, nourishing recipes I can choose from to have for her!

Her cookbook contains all the elements that I use when I make treats: stevia, agave, honey, gluten-free flours, coconut, dark, unsweetened chocolate, fruit, etc. She also has tons of helpful information on the ins and outs of all of these ingredients that may be unfamiliar (agave, agar agar, arrowroot, just to name a few).

For more information on Rachel's other cookbooks (I'm going to be doing a review on her second book as soon as I receive it in the mail!), check out her blog.

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Susan Sophia said...

I love Mennonite cookbooks! Pennsylvania Dutch as well. My grandparents were Mennonite pastors in Ohio and WI. I have a love More For Less.
Simply in Season looks great!