Fridge & Pantry Cleanout Challenge Reminder!

Just a reminder that I'm starting to host a Fridge & Pantry Cleanout Challenge every Monday, as I plan my menus! Whether you're a fellow blogger, a commenter, or just a lurker, I encourage you to carve out some peaceful time this weekend (with relaxing music and hot tea) and join me as I do my best to make a menu out of what I have on hand. The goal is to spend as little as possible on my shopping list for this week!

So, if you already plan your menus and post them, consider participating in the challenge. I'll link to your post (if you e-mail it to me, carriethienes [at] hotmail [dot] com!) and you can link back to my post and even grab that icon and use it if you'd like! If you don't have a blog, you can leave a comment! Let's inspire one another to be creative about what we have.

Full details on the challenge can be found here.


Pampered Mom said...

What a great idea! I haven't even begun our menu planning as we're still coasting on the one I made last month. For the past couple of months I've been trying out the idea of once a month shopping. My results have been somewhat mixed.

Love the picture in the background of your button. I LOVE the different sizes of canning jars out there and couldn't live without my plastic lids (so much better than the metal ones).

Carrie T said...

Pampered Mom,

I am so interested in branching into once-a-month type planning. I think I'll be able to take that step soon, now that I have lots of archives and I can see, over a month, what seems to last and what seems to go well together. I'd LOVE to only shop once a month!

Yeah, isn't it funny how mason jars take over!?!?!?

Kimberly Anne said...

I just discovered a helpful tip for mason jars! Store the empty jars on one of your top shelves. They are out of the way, but easy to take down (with a step stool) when you need them. This is really working great for me.


Mary Are said...

I'm trying to hard to shop under $40/week but I think I'm probably still building my pantry. I buy my produce at the farmer's market and a little else at Traders and the local healthfood store. Ack. Also, I'm trying to figure out what foods are good to freeze. I know most soups are. Any other ideas? I only cook for 2 so it should not be hard for me, but I am relatively new to cooking for the week or month. I am learning so much on this blog and am so grateful for it. Also, is a food processor worth the investment for me? I am wanting to make the Lara Bars and other things to replace processed items. Thanks Carrie and everyone else. Blessings...