Introducing the Fridge & Pantry Cleanout Challenge!

Every week, I make it my goal to not have to purchase anything for the week's menu. I've never met that goal, but each week I seem to be getting more and more efficient about paring my list down to the essentials. Since I have a freezer stash of so many things (including my milk, meat, and butter) and lots of bulk items (beans, legumes, sea veggies, etc.) from azure in my pantry, the only real thing to shop for on a weekly basis is produce. So, when I say "I spent under $40 this week" it may not be totally realistic because my big, three-times-per-year bulk purchases or once a month purchases are not "amortized" into the equation. So, in an effort to keep myself more accountable, I'm beginning a "Fridge and Pantry Cleanout" challenge.

Here are the simple rules, if you wanna play, and I hope you will!

1) List "Notable Items in Fridge to Use Up" (feel free to post a pic as well)

2) List "Notable Items in Freezer to Use Up"

3) List "Notable Items in Pantry to Use Up"

4) Either list your menu plan or at least 2-3 meal ideas with which you'll use those items.

5) E-mail me the URL to your post and I will add it in to my post for more "link love" for you. (If you don't have a blog, feel free to leave a comment!!!)

6) Link back to my weekly fridge & pantry cleanout post.

I'm working on a cool little button for this too, which will be available soon I hope (the one I made just got lost in cyberspace, and I just realized that it was gone at press time, but the post must go on!)


Rebeca said...

I'm a faithful lurker on your blog~ just thought I'd say thanks for all the great recipes and ideas. I'm going to try your better than Lara Bars recipe soon. This is a good challenge too, to use up what I have on hand. I get a weekly box of organic produce delivered, as well as my milk and eggs. I usually do a once a month Azure order, and I'm so enjoying fewer trips to the grocery store.
I'm also Orthodox. I wonder if you have every shared any good lenten recipes that are still Nourishing Traditions friendly?

Carrie said...

I love this, when its time to clean out the fridge I "google" recipe then whatever I have. Havent missed yet. For example: beans, arugula. Sometimes I add "italian" or Mario Batali" at the end of sentence as we tend to like Italian food.