Menu Plan Monday: Grain Free under $30!

This week I did online shopping at New Seasons (which, if you haven't done before and want to try, you can do for free. Mention that I referred you and we'll both get a free delivery! Very cool). I chose the "store pick-up" option which allows me simply to pull up and wait in the car for my bags to arrive. I was able to shop from the comfort of my laptop,cruise the good deals (in peace and quiet!) and even with the pick up fee of $4.99, I still spent under $30 and I resisted a myriad of impulse purchases (not to mention "Mommy can I PUH-LEEEEEASE get a Lara Bar?") and saved a lot of time and energy out of my day!

My menu once again this week is grain-free and GAPS. I want to thank the amazing Baden of the GapsGuide blog for her wonderful inspiration on shredding cauliflower and cooking/flavoring it like rice! And Simple Natural Nourishing has an amazing recipe for Roasted Cauliflower which was literally the most amazing cauliflower ever. Oh, and I'm also sneaking in some beef tongue!

Monday: Breakfast: egg-veggie scramble, beet-apple vitamix juice
Lunch: leftover lamb
Dinner: sloppy joe's with roasted carrot "fries"

Tuesday: Breakfast: Power smoothies w/ coconut muffins
Lunch: Hot dogs, veggies
Dinner: Herbed Meatballs (defrost from freezer) over Italian Roasted Cauliflower

Wednesday: Breakfast: Raw Apple Sauce (from Fit for Life)
Lunch: Miso Soup with Land and Sea Veggies
Dinner: Spaghetti Squash Casserole, salad

Thursday: Breakfast: Eggs, Bacon, Beet Greens
Lunch: Broccoli in Lemon Butter Sauce, leftovers
Dinner: Beef Tongue Tacos, cortido, salsa, raw cheese,etc.

Friday: Breakfast: Banana-Nut Butter Pancakes
Lunch: Cauliflower "Rice" with Mediterranean spices
Dinner: Curried Sprouted Lentil Soup (using Kimi's sprouting methods!)

Saturday: Breakfast: Smoothies
Lunch: leftovers
Dinner: ??? TBA...something romantic!

For more amazing inspiration, visit The Organizing Junkie!!


Anonymous said...

This looks great, and thanks for linking to me :).

I picked up Garden of Eating from the library - it is great! It's one that I might purchase now that I know it's worth it.

Katchmo said...

I really enjoy your menus. I try to eat grain free as much as I can afford to so you have some great ideas for me. Now, if I could just get a kitchen sink and some countertops so I could actually COOK.....

Anonymous said...

Hi, Carrie!

Remember, it's a fast-free week...just thought the Wed/Fri menus looked a little vegan... ;)

Michele @ Frugal Granola said...

Hi, Carrie,
You're totally welcome to send me the "refer a friend" e-mail off the New Seasons website, so that we both get that free delivery. :) hehe

Looking forward to seeing your NS Bargain Meals, along with mine! :) I just saw your link on $5 Dinners! I love your menus.


Carrie T said...

Thanks everyone, for your kindcomments!!

Katchmo, that is quite a challenge!

Anonymous, yes, I realized that after I planned my meals! It still feels funny to eat bacon on Wednesday! I might just have to indulge and change things up a bit, but truthfully keeping Wed/Fri vegetarian is nice on the budget!!!


Thanks! I sent you the refer a friend e-mail just now! You are so sweet:)

Thanks for your encouragement about $5! That is right up my ally and I love her blog!! Yours too, of course. I'm worried we're going to plan the exact same meals, though! We are so much alike in our diets!!!!

Hugs to all,