My Economic Stimulus Package

When it comes right down to it, the economic situation we're facing as a nation has taught me that the best investments are relationships.

What is social security other than strong family bonds? The commitment of marriage and the community of loving friends and neighbors to stick with us when times get hard?

What "medicare" is better than good, nourishing food, just as God created it, prepared properly as our forefathers and mothers would have?

What better education reform than using libraries, Internet, and each other to learn how to make and grow more ourselves? Connect with local farmers and ask to shadow them for a week. Better yet, if you have young children, set up some sort of volunteer program whereby your children work on the farm and learn how to take care of chickens, and milk cows? (I'm excited about doing this with my own kids this summer!)

So yes, my economic stimulus package includes French Breakfast Radishes, Brandywine Tomatoes, and Purple Globe Turnips. I've been working on preparing my Square Foot Garden and plan to experiment with recycled modular container gardening using milk crates and tires!I'll keep you posted on how Wall Street Reacts....


Anonymous said...

This is an AWESOME post, Carrie, and I'm going to do some Stumblin' for sure. :)

You've made me excited to finally sit down with Kent and plan our garden, too!

(I can't get into my Google accounts to sign in right now for some reason, grrrrr...)

Kimberly Anne said...

Hi Carrie--
The best stimulus is our creativity! Thanks for these ideas.

another realfoodmedia.com blogger

Susan Sophia said...

I love it!

Please tell me more about your recycled modular container gardening. I have tires I've used for my tomatoes the last 2 years but this year I want to do something else in them.

Tracy said...

I've decided to give up on a summer garden and focus on a winter vegie patch. We haven't had rain for over two months and we're only allowed to water two days a week. It's just not enough when the days are 114F.

Bring on Autumn!

Carrie T said...


Thank you so much for your encouragement! Happy planting!!!


Indeed! May our creativity always thrive, despite the outer turmoil!

Susan Sophia,

I'm not sure if it will work, but I'm researching using milk crates, lined with burlap sacks, and filled with a soil/compost mixture and doing the square foot gardening concept (since milk crates are 1 cubic foot!) We'll see if it works.....I will keep you posted!


Wow, yes that's certainly a challenge in that type of weather! Where are you located? I know there are veggies that thrive in hot, full sun, but that's pretty extreme!!!

Thanks gals,


Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home said...

Here, here! My own "stimulus package" looks pretty similar! :) I'm on my second year of having my own, large-ish garden, and love the challenge it gives me to push myself, get more creative, work with what I have, get my hands dirty, and bring my children along for the ride.

I'm finding myself challenged in other areas, too. How can I keep homeschooling creatively, for less? What productive skills can I teach myself (and my kids), such as sewing, crocheting, knitting, etc. and even learning to re-use old items to make new and needed ones? How can we, as a family, learn to be more self-sufficient, more thrifty, and live more simply?

I'm actually excited for what our family will learn and the ways that we will grow together as we face the current and coming challenges.