This Week's Menu: Fridge & Pantry Cleanout

Welcome to the first week of my fridge & pantry cleanout challenge! I am challenging my fellow bloggers and readers to not only plan their menus, but to use up those leftovers and pantry items as well! Please, leave a comment or e-mail me privately if you'd like your link added to this post. All I ask is that you refer a link back to this blog. You are also welcome to grab my button (above) and use it! I'm so excited to see what others are doing!!

This week's menu contains some tried-and-true, and some new adventures. I am so excited about trying Thursday's crockpot dinner from Stephanie a "A Year of Crockpotting": Chicken Makhani. This is my absolutely favorite dish, and any time I've tried to look up the recipe it looks way too complicated. Her recipe not only looks simple, but I have all the ingredients for the recipe on hand! Score!

Notable Fridge Items to Use Up:
3 quarts fil mjolk (cultured milk)
leftover beef tongue
1/2 head cauliflower
beef broth
sunflower seed pizza crust
nut butter
squash pudding

Freezer Items to Use Up:
ground beef
chicken thighs

Pantry Items to Use Up:
navy beans
lima beans
sea veggies

B: squash muffins (made from leftover squash pudding), orange slices, fil mjolk yogurt
L: veggie stir-fry w/ chicken sausage
D: tongue carnitas (leftover from last week's tacos, I will deep-fry leftovers in lard with spices), fixings: cortido, salsa, scallions, lettuce

B: bacon, eggs, collards, cortido
L: sunflower seed pizza (I will post this recipe soon!)
D: hidden liver sloppy joes over cauliflower "rice" (shredded, roasted cauliflower)

coconut smoothies, acorn-peanut butter squash bars
L: miso soup & sea veggies
D: zucchini latkes w/ roasted asparagus (only $0.99/lb at Freddie's this week!)

B: bacon, egg & broccoli scramble
L: leftover sloppy joe's
D: Crockpot Chicken Makahani w/ curried cauliflower "rice"

B: nut butter pancakes, fruit
L: sardines & roasted asparagus
D: navy bean chili

fil mjolk smoothies
L: @ niece's baptism reception!
D: on the road

For more menu-planning inspiration, visit The Organizing Junkie!


seamaiden said...

I need to clean out my fridge, freezer and pantry like you wouldn't believe! I should do this next week... Anyway, sounds good and full of very clever ways to use up your ingredients.

(a gluten-free menu planner)

Wendy said...

I was excited about this challenge and started preparing for it but caught the flu :(
So my husband is clearing out the fridge and pantry this week but without any real planning from me :)

I enjoy your blog, and your outlook.

thanks for sharing.