Grain-Free, Lenten Menu Plan

Another Lenten menu this week, with some ambitious creations, like "lentil sloppy joes". You can imagine my elation when I realized last week that lentils are allowed on the GAPS diet!

In the spirit of "eating to live and not living to eat", I'm keeping my Lenten meal plans simple. For myself, I find that a simple breakfast of coconut kefir with lime and a little fresh fruit has been sufficient for me. Lunches are usually salad and leftovers with fresh veggies. For the children, I try to throw in eggs, cheese slices, and meat that I have stashed in the freezer. There have been lots of soups, which thankfully all of us enjoy. Even DH said recently "I could just eat veggies and broth for the rest of my life!" I told him: "Awesome! You're starting GAPS too!".

For this week's menu, I was able to use all that I had from my recent trip to Grocery Outlet (under $40!!!) along with a lots of leftovers and recycled leftovers in the fridge!

kids: bacon, all: fruit
L: leftover bean soup, salad
D: red lentil sloppy joes (adapted from this recipe concept, by using the seasonings from this recipe) along with cauliflower "rice"

B: carrot/fruit smoothies and; coconut honey muffins
L: cream of asparagus/broccoli soup (w/ coconut milk), carrots, salad w/ avocado
D: Thai red curry w/ shrimp over coconut-cauliflower "fried" rice (using leftovers from Monday night)

B: peanut butter squash brownies, apples, milk
L: sardines, cheese, celery sticks, miso soup
D: spinach-lentils-rice (to bring to a family), dinner @ church

B: turkey breakfast sausages (kids); green berry fil mjolk smoothies
L: smoked salmon & cheese (kids) leftovers (me)
D: sunburgers and roasted beet salad

B: nut butter pancakes, apples
L: salad (me) hot dogs (kids)
D: 7-layer Mexican dip (using pureed,sprouted navy beans--bring to potluck @ church)

B: fil mjolk smoothies
L: leftovers
D: cioppino

D: bean & spinach soup, supplemented with leftovers.

Check out what these other fabulous ladies have done to creatively recycle leftovers and use up what's in the fridge:

Country Lady created a menu that requires no additional shopping for the week!
Ranee also posted a great menu for her large family that utilizes what she has on hand!
You're next!

If you have a menu plan for the week that utilizes what's in your fridge & pantry, I would love for you to include it here! Since I'm not ready for Mr. Linky yet, I still need you to e-mail me your URL post (carriethienes [at] hotmail[dot]com), which follows these guidelines, or simply place the link in a comment below!

Have a wonderful week!


a kelly said...

I love your blog. No...I mean REALLY love your blog. I'm thrifty, gluten free, heading to grain free,trying to do the GAPS diet. And lentils? They are my happy food.
I'm working towards wellness and am inspired by your success.
You are in my reader now!
Thank you sooo much for all these great posts!

Country Lady said...

I love lentil, too. Great menu. I don't know much about a GAPS diet, but your menus sure look healthy.

I'm working on my post for the pantry clean out. I should have it up soon and I'll post you a link here.

Country Lady said...

Okay, got my post up.


Not Another Omnivore said...

Your Wed dinner sounds a lot like something I'm going to be crafting this week as well!


Ranee said...

Hello! I have my pantry clean out post up here. Thank you for hosting.

Anonymous said...

Love the gaps friendly menu plans we are also on gaps. I was wondering if you could post how you make the bean dip and what you serve it with?

Carrie @ OrganicThrifty said...


I will post the recipe for the white bean dip on Thrifty Thursday! Stay tuned!


Everyone else,

Thanks for your comments and contributions!

Elizabeth Symington said...

For this week I am hosting the GF menu swap. Each week a different GF blogger hosts. This link is for the home site of this meme.

Here's my link with this weeks gf menu. Feel free to post your mpm menu here. http://weirdandsurprisinglygood.blogspot.com/2009/03/and-this-week-i-am-hosting-gf-menu-swap.html

It would be great to have you join us.

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