Menu Plan Monday

This week's menu is going to be a bit of a crap shoot since we just got back into town late last night (read: early this Morning) from Santa Rosa, CA. Thankfully we managed to eat well while on the road (thanks to a cooler full of homemade stuff and a local Trader Joe's) but it means that we're back home to an empty (clean!) fridge (thanks, honey!!!!) So here's what I'm thinking:

One of the great things about menu planning is that when you're feeling a little less than motivated, you can look back to old menu plans and get some inspiration. The following menu plan is rather "recycled" from early this past Lent. (Please note we do a modified fast due to family allergies, allowing some eggs, fish, and dairy) It will work for this week as well:

eggs, fruit (strawberries and bananas)
L: me: salad, kids: chicken makhani (from freezer)
D: salmon steaks w/ tahini tarter sauce and roasted asparagus

B: green smoothies and coconut flour blueberry muffins
L: broccoli/carrot/onion saute
D: creamy, veggie soup, high-enzyme salad(w/avocado)

B: squash pudding
L: sardines, cheese, celery sticks
D: tuna curry w/ cauliflower "rice" pilaf

B: eggs & veggies
L: leftover tuna curry
D: Coconut fish chowder (using leftover salmon), salad

B: nut butter pancakes, green smoothies
L: salad (me) hot dogs (kids)
D: navy bean chili

B: smoothies
L: leftover soup
D: cheese & veggie pizza w/ sunflower seed crust

For more menu planning inspiration, visit The Organizing Junkie!

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