Menu Plan: Week of April 27

After a few weeks off of posting my menus (mostly due to an incredibly busy couple of weeks with Holy Week and Bright Week) it's finally time to plan some meat-laden menus!! My challenge for the next few weeks is to use the meet I have in my freezer (and there's a bunch of it) so we'll be slowly working our way through it for the next year and a half I'm sure!

Here's the plan:
eggs, fruit (strawberries and bananas), hash brown potatoes in beef tallow
L: leftover chicken and salad
D: hidden veggie taco meat with rice tortillas, guacamole, & raw cheese
*make gluten-free bread in bread machine

B: green smoothies and gluten/grain-free bread toast
L: broccoli & leftover roast beef saute
D: steamed cauliflower with cheese sauce and chicken sausages
*begin sprouting sunflower seeds, make chicken stock in Crock Pot

B: squash pudding
L: miso soup
D: high enzyme salad w/ avocado, roasted carrots

B: grain-free coconut pancakes topped with strawberry sauce
L: hot dogs, pickled beets, roasted carrots
D: grain-free lasagna (using sliced zucchini in place of noodles)

B: cinnamon toast (GF), green smoothies
D: navy bean chili (crockpot)

B: out to eat
L: leftovers

Be sure to check out more inspiring menu plans over at The Organizing Junkie! Have a great week!

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LeeAnn said...

FYI for while you're traveling, we have Garlic Jim's gluten-free pizza delivery service up here! Not grain free but darn good in a pinch. The Renton location might be close enough to the conference site. Looking forward to the cooking demos. :)