UPDATE!!! Giveaway: One hour phone consulation with Chef Rachel!

It's time for the awesome giveaway I've been so excited to tell you about! How would you like to talk with one of the smartest health gals around about how to transition to a healthy, real food diet? The Healthy Cooking Coach, Rachel Albert-Matesz, author of The Garden of Eating Diet and The Ice Dream Cookbook will help you with transition tips, recipe makeovers, and menu planning/shopping suggestions for greater health!

This is awesome folks; Chef Rachel is a genius, if her book is any indication! Please take advantage of this awesome opportunity. To participate, here are the simple rules:

1) Followers and subsribers who leave a comment are eligible for the prize. (To become a follower, see the side bar below at the right). Leaving a comment earns you one "chance" at the random drawing. In your comment, tell why you would like to win this contest!

2) For an extra vote, write a post on your blog about this giveaway and link back!

NEW EXTENDED DEADLINE: The Winner Will Be announced Thursday, May 14th!


Emerald Green said...

I would love to win this phone consultation so I can figure out how to satisfy my husband's Italian-food obsession - so recipe makeovers would be awesome!

Megan said...

Oh my goodness! What an amazing giveaway! We've been eating real food for about 1.5 yrs now, but we're trying to take everything a step further. We've been reading Body Ecology, GAPS and Garden of Eating. It would be life saving to talk to Rachel!!

Ann said...

We're just going gluten-free, and Rachel's cookbook is next on my list--I would love a consult with her.

Anonymous said...

Emerald Green,
I recently made an awesome chicken parmigiana using almond flour. It was amazing! Though I'm the only GF one in our house, DH and DS both loved it. I used brown rice noodles for pasta. Check out the recipe on Elana's Pantry website.

Hinterlands said...

I have checked the Garden of Eating out so much at the library that they wonder why I don't just buy it. LOL! It is wonderful and my kids LOVE the chocolate cherry smoothie recipe.

Tutti said...

I have to see this book you speak so highly of.c

Iconography Girl said...

I just checked her book out of the library. I love the idea of eating more veggies, healthier meats, and cutting down on the "whites", but -- despite many books and efforts -- I still find it completely overwhelming. Can't tell you how many great "interesting" veggies I've had to toss b/c I bought them and was stymied (despite Google!) to figure out what to do with them.

She does have a one month "how-to" but going from 2pm "What should I make for dinner tonight" to spending 4 hours on a Sunday prepping for a week's worth of meals is too big of a step for me.

Thanks for reviewing the book. I am looking forward to incorporating some of her recipes and tips.

Stacy said...

I'm intrigued about the cookbook! I'd love to get more tips to help me eat better and better!

Kierlee said...

I really want to get her books (our library doesn't have them), so I will have to save my money. My son just started a GFCF diet a month and a half ago, and I am still having an extremely difficult time planning... I used to like menu planning- now I DREAD it. I need fresh ideas!!!!! Thanks for this awesome contest.