Junkfood Makeovers: Thrifty, Nutritious Slurpees and Frappucinos

Admittedly, in my not-so-organic-and-thrifty days past, there were times when I could be found sucking down an ice-cold Slurpee or Starbuck's Frappucino on a hot, summer day. The Slurpee is more of a relic of the 90's; it was a favorite after-basketball snack in high school (no wonder I had acne so bad) and it was a frequent refreshment during all-nighters in college. YUCK!

As I grew older, (and gainfully employed), I apparently felt that I could upgrade from the seventy-nine cent Slurpee to a more "foofy" frozen beverage, and at $3.50 a pop, the Frappucino became a sweet indulgence.

I've longed weaned myself of any desire for these beverages, but recently I discovered that with a few basic, nourishing ingredients on hand, you can whip yourself up a low-carb, nourishing, delightful summer treat!

The following I offer is not so much a recipe, but a "road map" with which you may use your own creativity. I offer a basic idea with many variations. By the way, these are an absolute hit with my kiddos, but then again, they beg for Cod Liver Oil. We're weird.

The slurpee recipe uses fruity iced tea or lemonade as a base (see details below).

12 ounces of the liquid are used; 8 are frozen in ice cube trays and the remaining liquid is blended in with the "tea ice cubes" to make a slushy, carb-free, low-calorie delight!

Sweeten with liquid stevia to taste (5-10 drops).

The Frappucino recipe abides by the same principles, only you would brow 8 ounces of your favorite coffee or herbal coffee alternative (see details below).

Freeze the coffee in ice cube trays for at least 6 hours.

Place 1/2 cup of raw milk, raw cream, homemade nut milk, or coconut milk in the blender. Coconut milk leaves awesome results, don't worry! Add the ice cubes, 3 at a time or so, until the desired consistency is reached. Add 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract and sweeten with about 5-10 drops of stevia. You can, of course, use maple syrup or honey as well, but I prefer the lack of calories in stevia!!

To make Fruity Iced Tea, simply purchase your favorite brand of organic herbal tea. I love Rooibios-Fruit blends, like Cranberry, Raspberry,or Orange. The Stash Tea company offers a delicious Green Tea Pomegranate, a Wild Blueberry, and a Mango Passionfruit. Mountain Rose Herbs has an amazing collection of nourishing teas, including the Hibiscus High Tea. Celestial Seasonings "Red Zinger" is delicious and makes a great, fruity treat.

Any of these work; just steep 2 bags (or two teaspoons) in 12 oz of boiling water to make a strong infusion. After about 5-10 minutes (depending upon the blend, or when it looks fully infused) carefully pour into ice cube trays and freeze for at least 6 hours. Reserve at least 1/2 cup of liquid to blend with the cubes. Proceed with the recipe above.

For a low-carb lemonade flavor, simply blend 12 ounces filtered water with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Add stevia to taste and you have a delicious, low-carb lemonade. Proceed with recipe above. Add a handful of frozen raspberries or strawberries to the blender if desired (this will add carbs and calories, but they're all good ones!)

Now for the Frappucinos, you can obviously use your favorite coffee if you are so inclined, but since I'm not, I prefer herbal coffee made from a blend of chicory and dandelion root. You can make this from scratch if you happen to have the herbs on hand, or you can purchase an Herbal Coffee from the health food store. Mountain Rose Herbs has a delicious Herbal Coffee blend which contains chicory, maca, dandelion root, and roasted carob.

Yum! Caffeine-free, and full of nourishing, mineral-rich herbs! Brew the coffee or herbal coffee according to package directions.

I hope this "non-recipe" format is clear and understandable. It's delicious, I promise! So enjoy the double-bonus of these drinks being both nourishing to your body and cheap on the pocketbook, and instead of blowing your hard-earned money on high-calorie, low-nutrition drinks, why not whip up these delicious, guilt-free delights?

This post has been submitted as a part of Food Renegade's Fight Back Fridays! So Fight Back against the over-priced, under-nourishing junk food summer drinks and make your own! Enjoy!!!


Pampered Mom said...

Love the ideas!!

aldrich4one said...

I'm so glad to see I'm on the right track. We have been making our iced coffee with coffee, raw milk, organic raw cocoa powder, and some maple syrup to sweeten. Delicious treat w/o all the yuckiness!!! Thanks for sharing your ideas. I think I need to try some of the teas also. Love tea, but never know what to try with all the choices. Thanks for sharing.

Girl Gone Domestic said...

Yummy! Just in time for summer! Thanks!

OurNaturalLife said...

Great idea! I used to get frappucinos at Starbucks until I asked to look at the label. No more HFCS for me! I'm going to make one for a treat tomorrow!

Carrie @ OrganicThrifty said...

Great, I'm glad it helped! I should have posted the ingredients for these drinks in my post! I'll have to research that and update my post!



Leesie said...

I have been making iced tea for me and my husband, as part of a healthier diet, and have been looking for a source for iced tea so thank you for letting me know about Stash Tea! I enjoyed your post and will look forward to trying your "recipe" suggestions.

Alana said...

Now I know what to do with the leftover coffee in my pot...ice cubes!
I always wondered why my homemade blends were always too watery.

Carrie @ OrganicThrifty said...

Excellent idea, Alana!

I'd guess that there are lots of other people who have that same problem (of excess coffee!).