Menu Plan Monday: Low-Carb, Grain-Free

Now that we are experiencing true "summer" weather here in Portland, I've transitioned my recipes to being as summer-friendly as possible; meaning minimizing oven usage whenever possible and "picnicable" lunches. The past several days we've been eating our lunches outside and it's been so nice to enjoy lots of low-carb, nourishing "finger foods" that require very little energy to prepare and are a snap to clean up. Who thought nourishing food could be this "convenient". I call it "peasant food", as inspired by Sally Fallon's explanations about how the peasants typcially ate lunch while at work in the fields: raw cheese, pickled veggies, salted meats, fermented beverages.

This week we're also celebrating a very special birthday for dear Jonathan, (hence the goofy pic)2 years!!! May God grant you many years, dear sweet, gentle Jonathan!

And lastly, as we celebrate dear Jonathan we will feel the empty space of our beloved Grandjo, my 93-year-old grandmother who passed from death to life eternal yesterday. She and Jonathan had a special connection,and I know she'll be celebrating with us in spirit. While we miss her terribly, we are relieved that her suffering is over and now she is able to rest in the hands of her Creator! This post is dedicated to my thrifty (but not so organic) Grandjo. May her memory be eternal!

eggs, salsa, cortido
L: nitrate-free roast beef, raw cheese, walnuts, strawberries & kombucha (our basic picnic menu)
D: chicken parmesan (using leftover homemade chicken nuggets!), mushroom and chard saute

*make hazelnut shortcakes, defrost beef for crockpot, prep ice cream for tomorrow

Tuesday: Happy Birthday Jonathan!!!!
B: green smoothies and homemade breakfast sausages (Jonny's request!)
L: Bacon-Lettuce-Tomato-Avocado roll-ups ( picnic)
D: crock pot beef, salad, roasted carrots (Jonny's favorite non-meat item), and for Dessert: homemade raw vanilla ice cream, strawberries and hazelnut shortcakes

B: almond flour blueberry muffins, fruit
L: miso soup and smoked sardines w/ avocado and salsa
D: broccoli-red pepper saute

B: bacon and herbed scrambled eggs
L: leftover birthday meat OR hot dogs, carrots, raw cheese
D: honey-dijon chicken drumsticks, green beans, salad

B: grain-free coconut pancakes topped with strawberry sauce
L: hard-boiled eggs, smoked salmon, carrots
D: parboiled veggies (including radishes from the garden!) and herb (from the garden!) dip, garlic-scallop saute

B: smoothies
L: leftovers, hot dogs
D: low-carb burgers, grilled onions, oven fries, salad

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Xenia Kathryn said...

I tried your fluffy pancake recipe this morning-- they were incredible! Sebastian and Vasi ate 'em up, I barely had any left for myself :D DEFINITELY a new favorite. So quick and easy, and I didn't get a bloated tummy afterwards (first recipe EVER that didn't do that). AND.... guar gum isn't even that expensive!!! YES!! Gotta love the funny ingredients that seem so intimidating, but really aren't... :D

Can't wait for Jonny's bday tomorrow! He's such an angel.. (Jonny angel....).

Definitely missing Grandjo today... :(

Pampered Mom said...

I always love seeing your menu plans, but I was wondering - do you include everything you served for the meal/day in them?

Sarah Faith said...

I love your blog. Keep it up! I don't comment much but am an avid reader. Just getting into the low grain diet ourselves and it's encouraging to see it can be done well and yummily. (Is that a word?)

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