Menu Plan Monday: Low Carb, Grain-Free

This evening I had the pleasure of harvesting a bowlful of fat, sweet sugar snap peas along with a delicious bowl of hand-gathered lettuce, nasturtium leaves, arugula, parsley, and beet leaves. It's so nice to finally enjoy the early fruits of months of labor in the garden!

Last night we enjoyed four delicious heads of home-grown, organic broccoli mixed into a frittata (wish I could claim that the eggs were from our own chickens, but maybe next year!

At any rate, this week the plan is to continue to enjoy the bounty of late spring/early summer. I plan on doing some strawberry picking with the kids and am looking forward to our first CSA basket coming on Thursday!

In honor of the Apostles Fast, we are observing a mitigated fast (we include eggs and dairy due to grain sensitivities) and am looking forward to taking a break from meats for a few weeks and focus on more raw foods.

eggs, salsa, cortido
L: pea salad, nitrate-free ham (for the kids), cheddar cheese
D: stir-fried snap peas, peppers, broccoli and kelp noodles

*make crock pot chicken stock, defrost salmon

B: green smoothies and almond flour blueberry muffins
L: leftovers made into a soup
D: wild salmon and braised green beans
*Defrost Scallops

B: coconut flour biscuits and jam
L: miso soup and smoked sardines w/ avocado and salsa
D: broccoli-red pepper saute with scallops

B: herbed scrambled eggs with chevre
L: caesar salad w/ salmon
D: veggie pizza w/ sunflower seed crust

B: grain-free coconut pancakes topped with strawberry sauce
L: hard-boiled eggs, smoked salmon, carrots
D: tuna salad, veggies

B: smoothies
L: leftovers, hot dogs (for the kids)
D: low-carb sprouted lentil-sunflower burgers, grilled onions, oven fries, salad

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Alea said...

Your menu looks so wholesome and delicious

seamaiden said...

Interesting and gluten-free menu!


Vin - NaturalBias said...

Looks like a great meal plan! I especially like that it's grain free. I actually just wrote an article about the potential dangers of grains.

Roy Clan said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I, too, have been trying to have a grain free diet!


Beverly said...

I am glad I found you blog today. My son has been put on a gluten free diet & it has been hard for me to find things that he will like. I hope to find some good recipes on your blog. Thanks!

jenna @ blog.chivetalkin.com said...

Found you on Twitter. Awesome menu plan! Please consider joining in the Menu Plan Blog Roll at http://blog.chivetalkin.com Would love to have you. Cheers!

Carrie @ OrganicThrifty said...

Thanks, everyone!

Vin, the article looks great. Thanks for sharing! I think more people need to know the truth about grains!

Roy Clan, I wish you the best! It's not as hard as I once thought!

Beverly, oh, I have been there and am there right now! If you look for the label (or search) for "kid-friendly" you'll find some especially kid-friendly recipes, but all of my recipes/menus are kid-tested (a picky 4 year old with sensory integration issues, at that!)

Jenna, thanks for the head's up! I will have to check out that blogroll! Thanks!

Samion Eric said...

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Anonymous said...

Where is the recipe for almond flour blueberry muffins?