Organic and Thrifty Link Love

The alternate title to this post would be "what s/he said". There are several times when I just get "blogger block" because I think there's nothing left to write about; there's just too much better info out there to link to! So here are some awesome links that I really enjoyed reading today.

The first includes "99 ways to Save Money on Food" from Mark's Daily Apple (an awesome blog, check it out). His blog is written from a Traditional/Primal food perspective. While not all 99 tips may be helpful in your situation, you're certain to find something useful!

The second is from Team Bettendorf, a blog devoted to the daily farm life of a family of 14! And, get this, mom Katie feeds them all (gluten free, to boot!) for $150 bucks a week! Here she breaks down how, with her weekly meal plan. So inspirational!

That's really all for now, enjoy!

Oh, and by the way, there is a lot to write about. Stay tuned, in the coming days I'll be expounding on some fun topics including:

*Baby steps, (part 2 of this series).
*Saving money on medical bills
*Almond cereal (using soaked almonds)
*Nourishing picnic foods
*Menu Plan Monday (as usual)
*Postpartum weight loss tips


Melissa Neacsu said...

Hi, Carrie! I just wanted to say, "Great blog!" I've been reading off and on for a while, and it's very inspirational. I am looking forward to the second part of "Baby Steps," because I'm hoping to start migrating with my family to healthier eating habits. My husband is Romanian, and did you know that they have basically no seasonal or food allergies over there?! I'm almost convinced it has to do with diet. Also, I just started using your baking soda face wash idea, and it's quite fabulous (and cheap!). Two quick questions: Do you have any recommendations for replacing coffee in your diet with something healthier, but just as energizing (I love coffee, but it tends to make me crave simple, processed carbs when I come down from the caffeine high)? And would you comment briefly on how you respond to the concerns that unpasteurized milk may lead to food poisoning? (I'm sorry if you've already posted answers to these questions. I know they're pretty basic.) Cheers!


Carrie @ OrganicThrifty said...


Great to hear from you!!! Thank you for the comment; what great questions. I would love to use a couple of blog posts to answer your questions, simply because I think others would love to know too! Stay tuned...will post very soon!

Regarding raw milk, it's all about the source and finding a farmer who does the job in a really clean manner. I know my milk farmer, and I know it's a clean operation (they are former engineers so they do things very meticulously). For example, they measure the bacteria count for each udder before milking, and if there's ANY, they dump all the milk to the pigs. Their standards are soooo strict.

As for my goat farmer; same thing, and since their family drinks the milk, I know they take utmost care in making sure everything is clean. Knowing the source is everything! The website www.realmilk.com is a great one to find these kind of like-minded farmers in your area.

I will use an upcoming post to expound on these concepts as well, and share what I've learned about real milk and why I would never want to drink pastuerized milk!

I'm so glad the baking soda wash works well for you; I love the way it makes my skin feel too!

Great questions; feel free to ask ANYTIME!!

Carrie @ OrganicThrifty said...

OH, and I think you're totally right about the Romanians and their lack of food allergies. I'm sure that the less processed food in the diet, the better. I would love to learn more about the native Romanian diet/customs!

Melissa Neacsu said...

On Friday I had a birthday party for my son with some of my husband's Romanian relatives. While I was doing my party shopping at the grocery store the day before I noticed some raw cheddar cheese on sale, so I bought some (I didn't even know my grocer carried it, and this was on sale for $1.99). At the party everyone commented on how good the cheese was. (And these people are somewhat foodie - they always buy the best cheeses and such.) When I told them it was raw, they said that they've always believed unpasteurized tastes much better. My husband is always recounting stories of buying cheese in the Romanian marketplace. He says you can't find food like that here. (Just thought you might be interested in this little anecdote.)

Thanks for responding to my questions. I look forward to your posts.


Melissa Neacsu said...

Oh, and my husband said that he grew up on raw milk, but they used to boil their milk before drinking it as a precaution.

Carrie @ OrganicThrifty said...


I loved your anedote (and happy birthday to your son!!!), it's so neat to hear these principles reaffirmed!

And as I understand it, boiling raw milk would destroy many enzymes, but it's still not nearly as bad as pasteurization and homogenation. I think "scalding" the milk is a regular practice in some parts of the world and it apparently makes the milk slightly more digestible (I think Nourishing Traditions talks about this, but I'll have to double check!)

And wow, raw cheese for $1.99!!! What a deal!!!

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