Weekly Menu Plan: Low Carb, Grain-Free

This week my goal for menu planning was to use what I have on hand and make things as simple as possible. We have a lot going on this week in the way of evening activities, and I don't have time for complex prep. The weather promises to warm up this week as well, so I want to avoid using the oven as much as possible. We are still observing the Apostle's Fast, so we'll be frequenting the wild salmon (which I purchased frozen for $2.99 at Grocery Outlet!) cooked simply with fresh herbs and garlic.

leftover paleo porridge (berries, ground nuts, coconut milk, basically)
L: smoked salmon & herb fritatta
D: roasted veggie pizza with sunflower seed crust , salad, watermelon

*defrost salmon

B: eggs and cortido, watermelon slices
L: me: roasted rhubarb salad kids: apples & almond butter
D: wild salmon w/ basil and garlic, mashed kolrabi, and beet greens

*Defrost Scallops

B: green smoothies and coconut flour biscuits
L: miso soup and smoked sardines w/ avocado and salsa, deviled eggs
D: scallop saute and roasted veggies

B: eggs & bacon (for the kids)
L: crispy nuts, cheese, celery sticks
D: Asian tuna salad w/ shredded carrots, broccoli, snap peas, crispy nuts, etc.

B: grain-free coconut pancakes topped with strawberry sauce
L: hard-boiled eggs, smoked salmon, roasted carrots
D: BBQ salmon and veggies, salad

B: smoothies
L: leftovers, hot dogs (for the kids)
D: low-carb sprouted lentil-sunflower burgers, grilled onions, oven carrot "fries", salad

For more inspiring menus, please head over to see what's cooking at The Organizing Junkie!


Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed how simple your menus are - and how nourishing!
Can you tell me in more detail how you prepare your kohlrabi? I grew up eating it raw (you have to get the small young ones - older ones get tougher).

Anne said...

ooh, roasted rhubarb salad!

it's so interesting to see the variety in your menus compared to mine. Yours are so much more gourmet!

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